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Creative Arts experience

As part of your Bachelor of Creative Arts you will develop and showcase your abilities through various performance activities. As these activities may involve children, you are required to apply for a Blue Card.

Blue Cards

All students are required to complete a Blue Card/Renewal Application form (PDF 222KB).

You will need to carry your Blue Card/identification with you at all times. If you are working with children under 18 and do not have your Blue Card, you will not be able to participate in the class or activity.

If you are unable to obtain a Blue Card, please contact your Coordinating Academic Program Support Officer or email

Submitting your application

Students located within 50km of UniSQ

If you are located within 50km of any UniSQ campus you are required to present your form and identification documents to your local UniSQ campus in person with one of the below forms.

  • Application/renewal form (PDF 344KB) - A renewal application can be submitted up to 16 weeks before the expiry date and must be lodged no later than 6 weeks prior to the expiry of the card or this will delay professional experience placement. The rules governing the process to renew a Blue Card as a student for Professional Experience are different to those rules for paid employees that require a Blue Card.
  • Link an applicant/cardholder to this organisation form (PDF 239KB) - This is required when a student already holds a Blue Card from another organisation but needs to link the card for their study at UniSQ.
  • Exemption form (PDF 277KB) - Students who are currently employed as police officers or registered teachers.

You can submit your form at:

Students located further than 50km from UniSQ

If you are located further than 50km away from any UniSQ campus, you are required to include a completed and certified Blue Card Identification Verification form (PDF 168KB) along with the appropriate form from above and send to the Professional Experience team