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Online Invigilation

Invigilated Assessments are those undertaken under supervision to ensure that Students complete the Assessment task themselves and only use approved resources. Some Formal Examinations at UniSQ may be invigilated. Invigilated assessments will only be held where it is required as part of professional accreditation. More information can be found in the Assessment Types Schedule.

Due to the accreditation requirements of the accounting professional bodies (CPA Australia and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand), students enrolled in accredited courses are required to complete online invigilated assessment in Semester 2 2022. UniSQ has engaged ProctorU to undertake this important aspect of your assessment.

The courses that will be having Online Invigilated Assessment in Semester 2 2022 are listed below:

  • ACC1101 - Formal Examination
  • ACC1105 - Formal Examination
  • ACC2102 - Formal Examination
  • ACC2113 - Formal Examination
  • ACC2115 - Formal Examination
  • ACC3116 - Formal Examination
  • ACC3118 - Formal Examination
  • CIS1000 - Formal Examination
  • ECO1000 - Formal Examination
  • FIN1101 - Formal Examination
  • LAW1500 - Formal Examination
  • LAW3130 - Formal Examination
  • LAW3131 - Formal Examination
  • STA1004 - Quiz 1, 2 & 3

Please note the University requires all students within a course in a given teaching period to be assessed under the same conditions. Therefore, in accordance with the Course Specification, the method of assessment is applied to all students enrolled in all offerings of these courses for Semester 2 2022.

Students must complete these assessments in accordance with UniSQ's Guidelines (PDF 251KB), the Assessment Due Dates and their Formal Exam Schedule and have access to:

  • A laptop or computer
  • Web camera, microphone
  • Reliable internet connection
  • Private and well-lit space
  • UniSQ Student ID Card

If you need any assistance in taking your invigilated assessment, contact ProctorU Support via the chat function. If you cannot use the ProctorU chat functionality due to connectivity issues or you wish to speak to someone urgently, you can also phone ProctorU directly on + 61 (1800) 957 152.

If you have general queries or you cannot access the necessary devices (including web cameras) to complete your invigilated assessment, urgently contact for further advice.

How to video
Invigilated assessments
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Technical Support FAQs

Basic Troubleshooting:

We know it sounds simple, but on the day of assessment, the first step is to make sure you have logged into your ProctorU account, and make sure you are logged into the StudyDesk for the correct course. Once you are logged into ProctorU and you are ready to start the assessment, click on the Assessment Link on your course StudyDesk in the Assessment section. This should launch the process.

If this does not occur, or you land on an enter password page, please make sure you are using the latest version of the ProctorU Chrome Extension and you are using chrome as your browser. If you normally use a different default browser, or a family member has changed any computer settings without your knowledge, this can trip you up on the day of the assessment.

Next, please try turning off/on the extension and then refresh your screen. You can also uninstall and re-install the extension to be sure.

Finally, lack of administrative rights to your device, or antivirus software installed may also prevent you from connecting to ProctorU. If you are using a work device or run sophisticated protection software/programs, you should advise the ProctorU representative when you seek support.

Once you have connected to your assessment and to ProctorU, be sure when you are prompted to screen share, that you first click the preview image of your screen and then secondly click share. If you do not complete both steps to screen share, the system will not connect you to the assessment.

For Mac users please refer to the ProctorU MacOS webpage for detailed instructions on turning on your Screen Share.

The ProctorU system is designed to make sure students only access authorised materials. This means when your UniSQ Student ID has been verified, and the ProctorU system starts the assessment, it will close all the open browsers to ensure the academic integrity during your assessment. This will help ensure that you haven't accidentally left things open like email, social media, messaging applications etc. which are not permitted.

  1. Please create a favourites bookmark for each of the online resources you intend to use during your online invigilated assessment so they can be swiftly accessed once you have commenced the assessment, making sure no unauthorized pages are open by mistake. There are no restrictions to the amount of resources you can have open (subject to hardware limitations).
  2. You may like to print certain materials or copy them into a word document which you can also open once the assessment starts.
  3. Students are NOT permitted to access items on USB, external drive, additional screens or alternative devices like iPad/tablets.

Finally, it is vital that you check your equipment and undertake the Online Invigilated Practice Assessment - ProctorU before you start your assessment online so that you can resolve any technical issues beforehand. The Online Invigilated Practice Assessment - ProctorU will close when the Formal Examination Period commences.

ProctorU Support is available to help you address any technical problems you may experience with your web camera, microphone audio, or your connection to the ProctorU invigilation service prior to your assessment. They can check your individual settings and get your system up and running, so long as there is still enough time remaining in your assessment window.

If your internet connection is interrupted or something else goes wrong during your assessment, again ProctorU Support can assist via the chat function. They will assist you to re-establish your session and if necessary, they may also remotely connect to  your device. If you cannot use the ProctorU chat functionality due to connectivity issues, you can also phone ProctorU directly on + 61 (1800) 957 152.

In the rare instance your issue cannot be resolved by ProctorU, please contact UniSQ urgently. 24/7 Assessment Support is available during the Formal Examination Period via +61 7 4631 2285 or 1800 007 252 (within Australia). Alternatively, outside the Formal Examination Period/UniSQ hours, you can email and we will work together to find a resolution.


A student may be eligible for a Deferred Assessment where exceptional circumstances beyond their control have either significantly impacted their preparation and performance or prevented the student from attempting or submitting an Assessment Item.  If you wish to apply for deferred assessment in relation to technical issues during your invigilated assessment, please contact Assessment Support urgently on +61 7 4631 2285 or 1800 007 252 (within Australia) or email for further advice.

For any issues relating to a breach of assessment conditions in your own space such as accessing unauthorised materials or devices, absences from view of the webcam or another person entering the room, you will still be able to continue with your assessment. However, your assessment will be reviewed, and an incident will be reported to UniSQ for further investigation.

Finally, it is vital that you check your equipment and undertake the Online Invigilated Practice Assessment - ProctorU before you sit your assessment online so that you can resolve any technical issues beforehand. The Online Invigilated Practice Assessment - ProctorU will close when the Formal Examination Period commences.

For your Formal Examinations, please check your Formal Exam Schedule for details on the opening and closing date and time. You must ensure you have completed and submitted your Invigilated Formal Examination by the closing date and time. You will be able to take your Invigilated Examination with ProctorU any time within the 48-hour examination time-frame.

  • Commence your assessment at least 5 hours prior to the closing date and time to allow for any issues on the day.
  • If you have a learning support plan you may need to commence even earlier in the window to ensure you can access your full working time.
  • Once an online assessment closes, you will no longer be able to access it.

For other invigilated assessment items, like quizzes, please check your StudyDesk for information on the dates it will be available for, the duration and the due date and time. You will be able to take your Invigilated Assessment with ProctorU any time within the established time-frames.

If you have a learning support plan, and feel you will require access to your approved adjustments during the invigilated assessment, please contact urgently, ensuring you attach a copy of your plan so your circumstances can be reviewed.

If you are unsure about the scheduling of your assessments, the iconnect team and your Student Relationship Officers are here to support you via Live Chat and Zoom Monday to Thursday 8am – 8pm, Fridays 8am – 5pm and from 12pm – 5pm on weekends.

You will need to have a computer/laptop, webcam and microphone, so that ProctorU can invigilate your assessment. You will be able to communicate with the ProctorU support team throughout the assessment via the chat function.

Please note that you cannot use your mobile phone as a webcam.

Check the ProctorU Requirements for details on what you must have in order to use ProctorU.

Run a check to make sure your computer has the right equipment, browser and internet speed.

  • Visit the Test it out page on the ProctorU site
  • ProctorU will make sure you have the browser extension installed
  • You will  be prompted to allow ProctorU to access your microphone and camera
  • Check any feedback on the equipment check to ensure your equipment is ready for the assessment

If you have any issues or concerns about your equipment check, contact ProctorU via chat immediately, or you can also email with details of the issue and what support you may require.

To preserve academic integrity and meet the accreditation requirements, unless specifically permitted, you cannot access:

  • headphones/earbuds
  • dual monitors
  • your mobile phone, tablet, a second computer or smart watch
  • any online communication tools or social media
  • USB and other plug in devices/drives

Note: Your mobile phone may be used to provide an internet hotspot but must kept out of reach and not accessed during the assessment unless you need to phone ProctorU or UniSQ for urgent support.

The ProctorU system will insert the password on your behalf when you have completed the onboarding steps and you are ready to begin the assessment. This will occur after you have launched the invigilation process with ProctorU, via the Assessment Link located in your course StudyDesk. Students will not be provided with the assessment password.

The assessment working time starts when the password is inserted by the ProctorU system and you click 'go to my testing site'. You should allow up to 30 minutes for the connection and authentication process prior to starting the assessment. This also allows time if you encounter any issues with the launch process.

  • Log in to your course StudyDesk and navigate to the Assessment section
  • Ensure you have logged into your ProctorU account, using the single sign on link provided above your Assessment Link located in the assessment section. If this is the first time you have used the single sign on function, you will be prompted to complete your account registration.
  • Once you are logged in, you can access the ProctorU invigilation service via the Assessment Link located in the assessment section.
  • Complete system and identity checks
  • The ProctorU system will insert your assessment password automatically
  • Commence your assessment - your working time counts down from the moment you click the Start Attempt button for the assessment.

ProctorU does not work on:

  • Microsoft Surface
  • iPads
  • Android tablets
  • Google Chromebooks

You must use a laptop or desktop computer. See ProctorU Technical Requirements for more details.

Students are advised to use a current version of Google Chrome as their browser along with the Chrome extension. In some cases, Firefox can be used if recommended by ProctorU support or you encounter issues using Chrome. More information can found in the ProctorU resource centre.
  • Around the same time of day as you plan to take your assessment, check your internet speed
  • Aim to use a wired connection or sit as close as possible to the modem
  • If possible, ask others in your household to not use the internet, particularly streaming online video or downloading large files, while you are taking your assessment
  • Check your internet plan to make sure that the connection speed does not reduce once you use a certain amount.

To ensure the academic integrity of invigilated assessments, students should ensure they take a bathroom break prior to the assessment.

Once the assessment commences, students are required to stay in view of the camera at all times. Of course, if a student becomes unwell or urgently needs to use the bathroom, they should state this to the web camera and may do so. UniSQ and ProctorU will then review the assessment recording and the assessment submission to confirm the absence was reasonable and there are no other concerns regarding misconduct.

Students who have registered with Disability Services and have requirements outlined in their learning support plan may have alternative arrangements in place. Please contact if you have any further questions or concerns.

Other people can be at home, but they cannot be in the same room as you.

Remember, this is an Invigilated Assessment. You cannot speak to other people, you cannot use your phone, and you need a quiet space to concentrate. Any communication and interruption during the assessment will be recorded as an incident and will be reported to UniSQ for further investigation.

If you are ready to complete your assessment, click 'Finish attempt' and be sure to navigate to the 'Submit all and finish' button to finish your attempt. This will end your connection with ProctorU and log you out of StudyDesk.

A Survey from ProctorU should then pop up on your screen. Please take the time to complete this so we understand how you went during your assessment.

Privacy is about protecting information that says who we are, what we do, what we think, what we believe.

In pursuit of the core functions of research, teaching and learning, and community engagement, the University accumulates personal information concerning employees, students and other individuals. The University values and respects an individual’s right to privacy and will meet its responsibilities under the Information Privacy Act 2009 (QLD) according to our Privacy Policy.

UniSQ has entered an agreement with ProctorU for online proctoring services in 2022. Comprehensive reviews of the ProctorU system, processes, procedures and policies have been undertaken and all privacy and security is assured to the highest standard. For further information, please see the ProctorU Privacy Policy.

No. For 2022 the ProctorU Review Plus service is being used. Your session will be recorded and reviewed by ProctorU but they will not have remote access to your device unless you require Technical Support.

If ProctorU needs to provide you with support, they may request remote access of your device for the purpose of ensuring your settings will allow you to share your screen and allow access to your web camera in order to complete the assessment. You will be able to view this activity as it occurs on your screen.

The Proctors that review your assessment will be able to see the footage recorded by your web camera. You are required to always stay in view of the camera. The Proctor will also be able to view your shared screen to see you answering the assessment, and what materials you access during the assessment.

It is vital that you close all unnecessary files, folders, and programs. Make sure you completely close your email, Facebook, and other social media accounts before you log on to ProctorU to take the assessment. This includes applications that may result in ‘pop-up’ messages appearing whilst you are undertaking your assessment.

Students must present photographic identification for their invigilated assessments. This is to ensure your identity can be verified prior to you being given access to sit for the assessment. The UniSQ Student ID will also assist to limit the personal information you need to provide to ProctorU.

In the event you are not able to present your UniSQ Student Identification card on the exam day of the assessment, you will be required to provide an alternative form of government issued Photographic ID.

If you do not have a UniSQ Student Identification Card and you are sitting invigilated assessment in Semester 2, 2022 you may apply for a card now.