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Academic Integrity for UniSQ students

What is academic integrity?

Academic integrity means acting with the values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility in learning and research. 

As a UniSQ student, you are part of an academic community and you are asked to:

  • act honestly and ethically in all your academic work and assessment tasks by only presenting work you have completed yourself.
  • give recognition to any direct quotes used from other authors or to those authors whose work has made an intellectual contribution to the contents of your work. Acknowledge your sources by using the referencing system relevant to your discipline.
  • acknowledge shared ownership of ideas in group projects or assessment tasks with a clear statement of individual’s contributions alongside your own original work.

Academic integrity matters - producing your own work, to the best of your ability means you have demonstrated what you have learnt and you have earned your qualifications. This will help you navigate opportunities and challenges in the workplace and succeed as a professional in your chosen career. 

Academic Integrity Mandatory Training

The Student Academic Misconduct Procedure and Penalty Schedule requires students to undertake Student Academic Integrity Mandatory Training so you can learn about academic integrity, how academic misconduct is managed at UniSQ and resources to help you with your referencing and writing.  You can access the course in any of your courses on the Assessment Page of StudyDesk from 18 February 2022 or via this link

You are only required to complete it once every 12 months and it will take you between 30-60 minutes to complete.

Each of your courses will restrict your access to the first assessment item submission link until you have completed the course. This means you need to complete the training by week 1 or 2 of semester, to ensure you can access your assessment submission links.

Report a suspected academic cheating service

Contract cheating providers target students with their services through online advertising and social media messaging. If you come across one of these providers, you are able to report it to TEQSA via this link. Providing these services is against Australian law and use of these services is a breach of the UniSQ Student Academic Misconduct Procedure. To learn more about contract cheating, please visit the TEQSA website. This website also has translated resources available.

How do I ensure my own academic integrity?

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Academic Integrity Quiz

Take our Academic Integrity quiz to find out which academic integrity champion you are!

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Mandatory Academic Integrity Training

Each year, UniSQ students must undertake Mandatory Academic Integrity Training to learn about academic integrity, how academic misconduct is managed at UniSQ and resources to help you with your referencing and writing.

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