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Graduate Teacher Performance Assessment

The Graduate Teacher Performance Assessment (GTPA) is an integrated assessment connecting the academic program and professional experience. The GTPA occurs during the final year supervised professional experience and provides evidence of the competence of the pre-service teacher (PST) in classroom practice and their ability to meet the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers at the Graduate level.

The GTPA includes five practices:

  1. Planning using data and evidence
  2. Teaching and learning
  3. Assessing, feedback and professional judgement
  4. Reflecting on teaching
  5. Appraising impact of teaching

It is important to note that ownership and responsibility for the GTPA task lies with the pre-service teacher.  Your role as supervising teacher makes a significant difference to the pre-service teacher’s ability to fully engage and learn from the experience. If at any stage you have additional questions about the GTPA, please contact your UniSQ Professional Experience Liaison Officer in the first instance.

For further information contact:

GTPA Coordinator

For more information regarding the GTPA please click here.