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Results legend and glossary

Results legend

A full description of UniSQ Grades is included in the Grades Procedure.

Final Grades

HD - High Distinction
D - Distinction
C - Credit
P - Pass
CP - Conceded Pass
F - Fail
PC - Pass (not contributing to GPA)
FC - Fail (not contributing to GPA)
FLW - Fail (Late withdrawal)
CT - Credit Transfer
EX - Exemption
ONG - Ongoing Assessment
WWP - Withdrawn Without Academic and Financial Penalty
WAP - Withdrawn Without Academic Penalty only
UP - Ungraded Pass
UF - Ungraded Fail

Temporary Administrative Grades

I - Incomplete, outstanding assessment
DA - Deferred Assessment
SA - Supplementary Assessment
RN - Result Not Available
RW - Result Withheld

If you have received a result of DA or SA you must check for further instructions. You can access this via UConnect > Student Centre > Marks and Grades > Grade > Grade Comment.

Please note: 

A result of DA indicates that in order to finalise your grade in the course, you may be required to sit a deferred examination, and/or complete a deferred assessment item/s. 

A result of SA indicates that in order to finalise your grade in the course, you may be required to sit a supplementary examination and/or complete a make-up assessment item/s.

Important: To be awarded a passing grade for a supplementary assessment, a student must achieve at least 50% of the available marks for the assessment item. A student must pass the supplementary assessment item, to pass the course. The maximum grade a student can achieve as a result of a supplementary assessment is a Pass (P).

If you have not yet received the appropriate information to finalise your Temporary Grade/s, contact or your Course Examiner for further information immediately.

Result Not Available (RN)

A 'Result Not Available' Grade will be awarded when the Final Grade is not yet available. This may be due to delays in marking, processing of Grades, or other University Procedures such as Academic Misconduct. The updated Result will be released as soon as possible.  

Result Withheld (RW)

If your results have been withheld, it will be because of outstanding fees or a library fine. Your results will be released as soon as the relevant fee is paid.  

Historic Grades Schedule

The Grades Schedule was replaced by the Grades Procedure from Semester 1, 2022 onwards.

Click the links below to find the version of the Grades Schedule (and associated instruments) in force up to and including 13 February 2022.

Grades Procedure