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Fees and Scholarships

Invest in your future. At UniSQ, we want to see you succeed.

We know that cost can play a big part in your decision to study. Learn about the fees related to university and the financial support options we have available.


Types of fees

During each teaching period or semester, you’ll pay for the courses (subjects) you are enrolled in. The approximate annual costs for your degree can be found detailed on your chosen degree, or you can calculate how much you will pay per unit based on the fee schedule

Degree fees fall into two categories: Commonwealth-supported places (CSP) and full-fee tuition places. 

A Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) means that the Government pays part of your fees. It's a subsidy, not a loan, so you don't have to pay it back. You may not have to pay the remaining course (subject) fees upfront. A HECS-HELP loan allows you to defer your fees until your income reaches a certain level.

Your citizenship and residency status will determine your eligibility for Commonwealth funding and financial assistance.

For postgraduate study at UniSQ, you can save up to 83% on postgraduate study - with over 30 of our UniSQ postgraduate qualifications offering up to 83% discount on your tuition fees with a Commonwealth Supported Place.

Financial support is available and eligible domestic students can apply for a FEE-HELP loan to earn an interest-free degree with no upfront fees.

You may also be eligible to receive financial support from Centrelink.

Other study-related costs

The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SA Fee) applies to all students. UniSQ uses these funds to improve on-campus and online non-academic services such as learning support, sporting and student enrichment activities, health and wellbeing initiatives, and career development services.

A group of democratically elected students at UniSQ assist in determining the allocation of the SA Fee funds.

Specific textbooks will generally be required for all courses (subjects) you study at university. Each textbook can cost between AUD 30 and AUD 200. Additional costs may also apply for some degrees and courses, e.g. uniforms and special equipment required for Nursing.


Help ease the cost of study with a UniSQ scholarship. We offer a wide range of scholarships to assist with textbook, practical experience, accommodation, or living expenses. Some scholarships will be one-off payments, while others will continue for the length of your degree.

The best part? You can apply for more than one, so make sure to apply for all that your eligible for.

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