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Applying for a Deferred Examination

Your Formal Examinations are key to your study progression. Certain programs require that particular courses be completed before allowing enrolment in subsequent courses. For this reason, you are expected to be available to sit for your exams as scheduled, each semester. Delaying the completion of your exams may unnecessarily extend the duration of your study.

We understand that on occasion there may be special circumstances that prevent you from sitting your exam/s within the specified timeframes as per your Formal Exam Schedule. A Deferred exam may be granted if you cannot sit for your exam/s due to reasons out of your control such as:

  • Medical
  • Employment
  • Family/personal
  • other

Further information about special circumstances is available in the Assessment of Special Circumstances Procedure

How to apply

To apply for a Deferred exam, please complete the online Examination Deferral Application, attaching your supporting documentation. You must submit your application and supporting documentation within five (5) University business days of the examination closing date. 

When will my deferred exam be scheduled?

If your application is approved, Deferred exams will normally be held in the next Deferred and Supplementary Formal Examination Period. Check the dates of these Periods on the Academic Calendar and Important Dates.

Deferring for medical reasons

If you are applying for a deferred exam based on medical grounds, you must obtain documentation from a medical practitioner on or before the exam date/s.

If you have a disability, learning difficulty, mental health or medical condition that impacts on your studies, Learning Support Plans may be available. Book an appointment with a Student Equity Officer at the start of semester to discuss your needs. Support may also be available for students impacted by temporary or fluctuating conditions.

Employment is not usually accepted as a special circumstance. We will consider your application if your employer cannot release you from work to sit your exams as scheduled and/or has directed you to undertake unforeseen or extraordinary work commitments and you can provide supporting documentation from your employer.
A deferred exam application based on compassionate reasons may be approved for a family or personal circumstance that has arisen and is beyond your control.
If you apply for a deferred exam based on other grounds, you must submit relevant supporting documentation relating to your circumstances.
Discretionary activities or circumstances within your control and/or foreseeable events will not constitute grounds for a deferred exam.

You will be advised of the outcome of your application (approved or declined) via email.

If your application is approved, your deferred exam will be scheduled within the next Deferred and Supplementary Formal Examination Period. Check the dates of these periods on the Academic Calendar and Important Dates.

If you are unhappy with the outcome, you may request a review of decision in accordance with the Student Grievance Resolution Procedure.

If you are affected by ongoing or genuine circumstances that prevent you from sitting an approved Deferred or Supplementary Exam as scheduled in the Deferred and Supplementary Formal Assessment Period, contact Assessment Support immediately and our support team will provide you with further guidance.

24/7 support is available during the Deferred and Supplementary Formal Assessment Period 

For urgent enquiries phone:
Ph: +61 7 4631 2285
Ph: 1800 007 252 (within Australia only)

Other enquiries:
For general or non-urgent queries please phone during business hours or email and one of our team will respond as soon as possible. 

Need help?

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