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Placement Requirements and Reports

This section contains relevant information regarding placement information and documentation required for School of Education placement. Please use the drop-down functions to access the different sections.

1. Professional Experience Placement Book

Professional Experience Guide for Education Students (PDF 1542 KB)

This handbook provides information related to Professional Experience for all UniSQ pre-service teachers, supervising teachers, site coordinators, liaisons, School of Education academic staff, and university partners.

Note: All pre-service teachers must read the Placement Book and familiarise themselves with the content. After reading the book, please complete the declaration on the last page by accepting the conditions and signing the form. Upload the signed form into InPlace.  

2. Professional Experience Placement Guidelines and Final Reports

2.1 Professional Experience Placement Guidelines

  • The expectations of each program vary for each year and placement. These guidelines provide details of pre-service teacher activity required during the Professional Experience placement scheduled and align these expectations with the Australian Professional Standards for Graduate Teachers.
  • Students print copies of the relevant guideline for their course and take it with them to the school on the first day of placement. Please provide a copy of the guideline to the supervising teacher.

2.2 Final reports

  • The Final Report is completed by the supervising teacher and provides feedback to students on their professional experience placement. This final report is mapped to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APSTs), in line with what students are expected to know and do at the conclusion of each specified professional experience placement.
  • The Online Final Report will be sent directly to the supervising teacher to complete and submit. This means students and sites will not be required to complete and upload a paper copy of the final report. Students will be able to access a copy of the Final Report via InPlace
  • Please note: students enrolled in EDU4100 or EDM8100 will need to complete the QPERF final report in consultation with their Supervising Teacher/s. The Supervising Teacher/s will upload the completed QPERF final report via the Result Request.