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Timetables are a guide only and are to assist students in planning their timetable.

The timetable provides information about the days and times when classes may run and will show all events scheduled.

The system allows you to view timetables for all on-campus classes across all UniSQ campuses.

Timetables are subject to change.

Using the timetable

  1. Go to the Class timetable. When opening the timetable, the current week will usually be displayed.
  2. Select Courses from the Type field


  3. Type in the course code in the Resource field ie: NUR1100
  4. Use the Event Filter to type in the study period and/or campus ie: Trimester 1


  5. Clicking on the chosen class will open the side bar and give you further details such as the class component ie: TU01 = Tutorial 1.
  6. You can change the Timetable View by choosing month, week, day or list.

Class Locations

  • Toowoomba
  • Ipswich – IP
  • Springfield – SF

Room code example: SF_B434

  • SF_ - The first 2 characters identify the campus. Please note that the Toowoomba campus does not have this identifier.
  • B – The letter refers to the building
  • 4 – The first number is the floor level
  • 34 – the next 2 numbers are the room number

Example – Springfield campus, Level 4 B Block

Class Registration

Class registration cannot be done from this page. Information on ‘Enrolment” can be found at

Once you have completed your enrolment, your personal timetable can be viewed in your Student Centre.