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Refunds and remission of debt

If you have paid your course fees upfront, you may be entitled to a refund in certain circumstances.

A refund may be issued if you have:

  • withdrawn from a course prior to the census date
  • made an overpayment
  • changed your citizenship or residency status
  • been approved for a remission of fees due to special circumstances

If your account has a credit balance due to one of the above circumstances, you can request a refund of the credit amount by completing the relevant Request for Refund form. Refunds are normally processed within 10 University business days.

Please refer to the Refund of Student Fees Policy for further information.

Withdrawal after the census date

Students who withdraw from a course after the census date will still be liable for the course fees.

You may apply for penalties incurred to be removed if you withdraw from a course after the census date or fail to complete the requirements of a course due to special circumstances. For more information on how to apply, visit Waive of Academic Penalty and/or Fee Reversal.