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International student fees

International students are not eligible to receive an Australian Government subsidy and are required to pay full international tuition fees. Tuition fees for international students vary depending on the level of study and the subject area of each course.

International tuition fees are set by the University and are reviewed annually.

All students are required to pay their tuition fees in full by the invoice payment due date.

Payment reminders will be sent by email and SMS prior to the due date each semester. If payment has not been made by the due date, penalties for non-payment will be applied to your student record, including restrictions on access to Study Desk, results, transcripts, and future enrolment. The restrictions will remain on your record until the census date.

If you fail to make payment by the census date, your enrolment will be cancelled. Students may request reinstatement of their cancelled enrolment within 10 business days from the census date by making full payment of the outstanding amount.

Payment arrangements

If you are an international student experiencing short term financial difficulties and are unable to pay your fees in full by the due date, you may be eligible for a fee extension. Applications for Tuition Fees Extension of Time must be submitted before the census date. Information on eligibility is provided on the application form.

Depending on your program, you may incur some additional study related costs. This could include:

  • textbooks and reference materials
  • specific software
  • uniforms and personal safety equipment
  • residential school travel and accommodation

Additional requirements for specific programs are listed in the UniSQ Handbook.

Further information regarding administration costs is available.

Your student fee category and eligibility for Commonwealth assistance is determined by your citizenship and residency status.

If your citizenship or residency status changes during your studies, you must advise the University immediately by submitting a Citizenship Change Request and providing documentary evidence of your new residency status.

We will let you know if your change of residency places you in a different student fee category and any further steps you need to take.