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Bachelor of Business

Bachelor of Business (BBIZ)

Study mode
  • On-campus
  • Online
  • Springfield
  • Toowoomba
  • 3 year(s) (or part-time equivalent)
  • Feb, May, Sep

Bachelor of Business overview

  • UniSQ’s Bachelor of Business degree gives you the flexibility to combine one business area of interest with another to create the career you want.
  • You can choose to study two specialist fields (majors) or combine one specialist field with two other minor fields to broaden your horizons. If you’re not sure which field you’d like to specialise in, don’t worry. Within your first year of study you’ll study a variety of courses (subjects) to discover your areas of interest.
  • You will benefit from UniSQ’s close ties with industry, and have the opportunity to complete a course (subject) of professional work experience where you’ll work with an organisation to complete a project.
  • From 2024, you'll have the option to fast-track this degree and complete your business qualification in two years, provided you study full-time over six consecutive trimesters.
  • UniSQ’s Business Academy is built with industry employers to set you up for success – work for a variety of mock companies that accurately represent the workplace so you can master corporate operations.
  • Domestic students can study abroad and complete part of this UniSQ degree overseas. Immerse yourself in new cultures, meet new people, enrich your personal development, and travel the world while studying. 
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What can I do with a Bachelor of Business?

A business degree prepares you for a career in business, which can widely apply to any sector or industry, and therefore sets you up for any future imaginable. As business touches multiple aspects of modern human society,  a business degree gives you knowledge and skills that employers want and that translate across a large number of diverse roles and industries. UniSQ’s Bachelor of Business is skills-focused, employability-driven and offers a wide range of majors to ensure you graduate job-ready in your chosen industry.

Our degrees focus on developing the knowledge you need to succeed. There are several career prospects available to you after completing a Business and Management degree, such as:

  • Financial advisor
  • Management and leadership positions
  • Marketing manager
  • Human resource management professional
  • Business information systems developer, and more.

You’ll also find that many of the principles you learn are transferable across a range of industries, no matter where you end up working. 

How long does a Bachelor of Business take?

A Bachelor of Business will take you approximately three years to complete if you're studying full-time. You can choose to accelerate your study and finish in two years if you're studying full-time over six consecutive study periods. Some students choose to study part-time instead which increases the time it takes to finish the required courses. You have a maximum of six years to complete the degree.

UniSQ prides itself on providing flexible study options so you can study a Bachelor of Business on your own terms, in your own time. Whether you choose to study online, come on-campus or a combination of both, you’ll experience the same level of support and opportunity to engage with others.

You may also choose to study the Bachelor of Business as part of a double degree to give you the flexibility to tailor your degree to your ambition. Completing a double degree means you receive two testamurs (official certificates) – one for each of the degrees you complete when you graduate. 

A double degree will take you approximately four years to complete, giving you plenty of flexibility in choosing majors to shape your studies to suit your future goals.

How much does a Bachelor of Business cost in Australia?

The cost of a Bachelor of Business in Australia will vary depending on the education provider you choose.

When you study with us, the first year of your studies will cost approximately AUD 14630 (Commonwealth supported place), depending on the courses you select. 

At UniSQ, we offer a range of Business and Management scholarships to support your success at university. 

What major study areas are available?

You can choose from several majors in the Bachelor of Business including:

All majors are available to study as a Bachelor of Business online.

How do I decide on my majors?

A great place to start is to think about what you enjoy and how you can align what you’re passionate about with a major. Identifying what you love naturally lends itself to your strengths which can make choosing a major not only less stressful, but exciting. Visualise your goals, what you want to achieve and how you see your future career playing out.

The best thing about UniSQ is that we’re pretty flexible when it comes to changing your mind. If you commence your studies and after a semester decide you want to change majors, that’s ok. Our iConnect team can chat through your options.

If you haven’t decided how or when you will study, don’t worry. You can study any of UniSQ’s Bachelor of Business degree regardless of major, online or on-campus.

If you need a nudge in the right direction, check out our Career Explorer Quiz. The ten minutes you spend doing this quiz will help you work out what career options may be suited to you, based on your personality.

Can you complete a Bachelor of Business online?

Yes! You can study a Bachelor of Business online at UniSQ with the same level of support and opportunity as those students studying on-campus.

Studying a Bachelor of Business online allows you to fit study into your life and access learning resources, forums, assessment information and study support from wherever you are.

So why study a Bachelor of Business online at UniSQ?

  • We have 40+ years of experience delivering flexible study options via online learning.
  • You won’t be alone – over 75% of UniSQ students choose to study online.
  • Visit your online classroom anywhere, anytime, 24/7
  • We know what we’re doing! UniSQ’s fastest growing cohort is online.
What will I learn when studying a Bachelor of Business?

At UniSQ we provide you with the knowledge and skills required to position you as an innovative, strategic and adaptable professional.

You can choose to study two majors or combine one major with two other minors to broaden your skills.

What you will learn will depend on the major you choose. Study options for the Bachelor of Business include Emergent Leadership, Finance, Human Resource Management, Information Systems Management, and Marketing.

Develop transferable skills such as communication, critical thinking, adaptability, teamwork and leadership, giving you the confidence to be part of the ever-evolving business industry. 

Why study a Bachelor of Business with UniSQ?

Get a strong start to your career in business. We are a leading university and will help bring our your best.

  • Experience world-class lecturers and small class sizes at a uni where the little things count as much as the big results we deliver.
  • UniSQ is rated five out of five stars for graduates in full-time employment (Good Universities Guide, 2024).
  • Learn from lecturers with experience across a diver range of business specialisations.
  • Benefit from UniSQ’s industry connections and have the opportunity to complete a course of professional work experience.
  • Be given the opportunity to complete a semester of study overseas in Europe, Asia or North America, enhancing you a global perspective.