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Ways to study

Study on your own terms, in your own time.
Whether you choose to study online, come on-campus, or a combination of both, you’ll experience the same level of support and opportunity to connect with others. You can also adjust your subject enrolment to meet your needs. Take one subject at a time or take extra subjects when life allows it - the choice is yours!

Benefit from flexible study options


Fit study into your life and access learning resources, forums, assessment information and study support from wherever you are.


Immerse yourself in campus life at one of our three locations – Toowoomba, Springfield or Ipswich.

Mixed mode

Experience the best of both worlds and combine subjects online and on-campus in the same semester.


Learn your subject theory online and attend on-campus Residential schools or a relevant place of work only when required.

Part-time study

Balance your life, work and family commitments by studying the amount of courses that fit your lifestyle

Degrees and courses

Select from more than 150 UniSQ degrees available on-campus and online. Explore our flexible study opportunities and tailor your university degree to fit in with your lifestyle and career aspirations.

What's available?
When can I start?

Tailor your degree to suit your lifestyle with the opportunity to speed up or slow down your studies. UniSQ delivers flexible ways of teaching, in several academic calendars, making the balance of study and life easier.

Key dates
What study options does UniSQ offer?
UniSQ offers a variety of flexible study options to suit different lifestyles and needs. These include flexible online learning, blended learning, and hybrid learning modes. Whether you're a working professional, a parent, or someone seeking to upskill, these options provide the flexibility to study at your own pace and convenience.
What is blended learning?

Blended learning, also known as hybrid learning or mixed mode study is a flexible learning model that allows students to combine online learning with face-to-face or on-campus study.

The benefit of blended learning is that you can balance your work and life commitments by studying online when it suits you while still enjoying all the things that campus life has to offer. 

At UniSQ we call ‘blended learning’ mixed mode study and this allows you to experience the best of both worlds by combining subjects online and on-campus in the same trimester or semester. 

Can I study part-time at UniSQ?
Yes, UniSQ provides the option for part-time study, allowing you to choose the units and courses that fit your lifestyle and time availability. UniSQ’s flexible way of teaching across several academic calendars means you can easily tailor your flexible study options with a degree of your choice. 
What degrees and courses are available at UniSQ?
UniSQ offers more than 150 degrees available both on-campus and online. From undergraduate to postgraduate levels, students can select from a wide range of degrees and courses.
How flexible is the study schedule at UniSQ?
Here at UniSQ, we offer flexible online learning and blended study modes, as well as part-time study either on-campus, externally or online depending on your needs.
What is the online study experience like at UniSQ?
Over 75% of UniSQ students choose to study online. The online study experience includes access to learning resources, forums, assessment information, and study support – all available 24/7, from anywhere. This flexible online learning format is ideal for those who need to study remotely or prefer a self-paced learning environment.
What support services are available for online students at UniSQ?
UniSQ provides comprehensive online services, including phone support, live chat, and an extensive range of frequently asked questions and answers available through the Ask UniSQ platform. It doesn’t matter if you choose blended learning (also known as hybrid learning) or online study, these services ensure that all students receive the same level of support and guidance.