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Supporting students with disability

We are committed to providing an equitable environment for students with disability, injury, mental health or medical condition that impacts on their ability to study and achieve academic success.

Further information about the different types of disability or long term medical conditions and the impacts upon the learning environments, is available on the Australian Disability Clearinghouse on Education and Training website.

Eligibility for support

You will be eligible for support if you have a physical, sensory, psychiatric, learning or intellectual impairment, or long term medical condition which impacts upon your daily living activities as defined by the Disability Discrimination Act 1992. Primary carers as defined under the Act will also be eligible for support from UniSQ. 

If you wish to receive support you will need to register with the service. You must provide health practitioner documentation outlining the details of your specific disability and the functional implications of this condition on your ability to study. 

Register for disability support

To register for disability support you will need to participate in an appointment to discuss the services and supports that may assist you during your studies. Face to face, online or telephone appointments are available.

Information on what documentation will need to be provided as part of your registration can be found in the Documentation Requirements (PDF 177KB). You will also be required to complete the following forms and return them on or before your appointment with an Accessibility and Disability Officer.

If you require these forms in other accessible formats, please email   

Support and services

Once you are registered for disability support, an Accessibility and Disability Officer will coordinate the implementation of the reasonable adjustments and services determined during your interview. These will be outlined in your Learning Support Plan (LSP).

The main objective of these adjustments is to reduce the impact of your disability on your studies, and to assist students to participate equitably at UniSQ. An adjustment is considered reasonable when it assists the student to participate at University on the same basis as other students, and balancing the interests of the University and other students. Please remember, all requests for adjustments must be made within a reasonable time frame to allow support to be organised.

Some options that may be recommended for you include:

Book an appointment

Book an appointment with a Student Equity Officer to discuss your needs.

Disability Action Plan

UniSQ disability support

We offer a variety of support tailored to your needs. Learn how we can help you.

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