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Application & Interview Support

From writing your application, preparing for your interview, psychometric assessment or making it through an assessment centre we are here to help!

Your application

Your job application is the first impression a potential employer has of you, so it’s important to ensure that your first impression is positive.

The Careers & Employability Team deliver series of webinars and have resources to prepare you for writing a winning application.

Access resources, templates, register for webinars and upload your application for professional feedback at (Resume and Cover Letter Advice).

Interview skills and support

With video interviews (live and pre-recorded) becoming increasingly popular, UniSQ are happy to offer Big Interview to our students. Big Interview is an online platform where you can learn and practice your interview skills.

There is 100's of videos to assist you with preparing for an interview. On the Big Interview platform, you can record yourself presenting and share it with the Careers and Employability team for feedback. 

Access resources to ensure you are fully prepared for your interview and submit your video recording for professional feedback at (Interview Preparation).

The full recruitment process

Online applications, psychometric tests, online interviews and practice assessment centres.

There are many steps through a recruitment process, and each company has a different process. Throughout the year UniSQ offer programs which simulate the full recruitment process from online applications, psychometric testing, online interviews and practice assessment centres. Throughout this simulation, students are assessed, and feedback is provided on each stage.

Find out more about the upcoming programs.

Career support resources

The support and resources offered by the Careers and Employability team are constantly growing. Resources are currently available for finding work, having second thoughts about your studies. planning for an uncertain world of work and many more, all available on UniSQ Access: Accesshub