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Students as Partners (SaP)

Students as Partners (SaP) is an initiative that encourages students to connect with the university: feel a part of it, be supported by it, and engage in it.

What is SaP?

At UniSQ, we remove barriers to participation and create a university-wide student partnership that ensures the student voice is heard at all levels of decision making.

SaP empowers students to actively shape their own tertiary experience, as well as the experiences of their peers and the governance at the university. It provides an opportunity for students and staff to work together to ensure that the university experience is of the highest standard. Most importantly, the focus is on student engagement in not only identifying problems, but also in developing solutions, implementing actions, and exploring/identifying future developments in partnership. 

Partnership can include:

  • Students mentoring other students (peer mentorship) 
  • Students and university staff, including professional and/or academic staff  
  • Students and senior university administrators  
  • Students and the wider UniSQ community  

What you can do:

  • Become a Student Representative by joining the Student Senate, Student Representative Committee (SRC), Academic Student Representatives (ASR), or other governing bodies or advisory boards. 
  • Become a Project Partner and work on a project to improve the student experience, teaching and learning, or university governance. 
  • Support the student voice by providing feedback on your own experiences.

UniSQ has several volunteer opportunities for student representation. This includes;

Each group has a unique part to play towards improving the student experience. Explore the possibilities for Student Representation at UniSQ or reach out to the Students as Partners team at today and let's make your UniSQ experience unforgettable!

Explore the possibilities for Student Representation at UniSQ