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Student Ombudsperson

The Student Ombudsperson:

  • Acts as a neutral arbiter, ensuring that students receive fair and equitable treatment in the formal and informal resolution of student grievances.
  • Assists students to clarify the outcome sought and to navigate the student grievance resolution process, particularly in more complex cases.
  • Provides advice and support to senior staff managing complex grievances, ensuring compliance with policies and procedures.
  • Oversees the innovation and improvement of student grievance resolution standards, practices and procedures.

The Student Ombudsperson is not a decision maker or an advocate (for students or the University) but does check that process has been followed in accordance with University policies and procedures and the principles of natural justice.

The University is committed to providing information and support to students at all stages of the resolution process and supports effective, timely resolution as close as possible to the cause whenever possible.

It is expected that students will try to resolve the matter informally with the relevant area of the University and if not resolved then through relevant formal complaint resolution processes.

Students seeking advice on correct process can contact the Student Ombudsperson

Meet UniSQ's Student Ombudsperson