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Copyright for students

As a student, you own the copyright of the content you produce within the course of your study, including any coursework or research. If you receive funding from a grant or are collaborating on a project with others, you will need to investigate who owns the intellectual property of the work. Any agreement or contract you sign may transfer rights to others, or take some rights away from you.

During your study, you have the right to use copyrighted material in assignments, theses and other coursework, under the fair dealing provision of the Copyright Act. Fair dealing allows you to copy ‘reasonable portions’ of material for research, study, criticism or review. 

In most cases, you can only use extracts of a work, not the whole work. If you wish to use more than a reasonable portion of a copyrighted work, you must obtain written permission from the copyright owner. 

All material you use in your work must be referenced.

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