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Artistic works and images

The way an artistic work can be copied and communicated to students varies by licence type. It is important to never alter an image, and if in doubt, seek advice before copying or communicating artistic work. 

Images in the public domain 

Images in the public domain must be clearly identified.

Provide a URL to the source when copying and communicating the image.

Images under a Creative Commons licence   These images must be used in accordance with the licence
Using an image under the section 113P licence         

Images can be copied and communicated under a 113P licence.

The images must have an attribution:

  • If found online ‘Copied under s113P, URL,date’
  • If from a text ‘Copied under s113P, full bibliographic details'

Make sure the source of the image isn’t itself a breach of someone else’s copyright.

Images from a subscription database

If you want to use an image from a subscription data base it will have to be judged on a case by case basis.

Please contact you Liaison Librarian for specific advice.

For more information on working with images, please consult the Working with Images Guide.

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