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Enrolling into your next study period

Begin the next phase of your study

If you're planning to study in the upcoming study period and haven’t enrolled yet, refer to the step-by-step guide below to make enrolling into your next courses easy. 

Your step-by-step guide to enrolling in your courses

Before enrolling into courses, you must check to see if you're required to complete the annual review of your My Details Checklist. 

  1. Log into UConnect using your student number as your username and the password you created. If you can't remember the password you created, you can reset it.
  2. Scroll to locate the Student Centre block, and click Student Centre
  3. Select the Tasks tile and follow the steps to complete your My Details Checklist

You can watch the video if you would like to see the steps for locating and completing the checklist.


Commonwealth Assistance Forms (CAF) need to be completed before enrolling in courses when commencing a program. If you've changed programs you'll be required to complete new CAF forms.

If you've been accepted into a Commonwealth supported place at UniSQ, your Commonwealth Assistance Forms must be completed before enrolling into courses. Here you can determine if you're eligible for fee assistance under the Commonwealth Government’s Higher Education Loan Program (HELP).

  1. Log into UConnect
  2. Scroll to locate the Student Centre block and click the Student Centre tab
  3. Click on the Commonwealth Assistance Forms tile and begin completing the CSP/HECS-HELP menu item
  4. Make your way through the remaining menu items on the left side of your screen which may include:
  • Citizenship status

Please note:

  • If you need to defer your Student Amenities Fee, you can apply through in the SA-HELP menu option.

You can watch the video if you would like a more in depth look into these forms.

When studying it’s important to know your program's important dates, including:

  • Orientation dates
  • Study Period start and end dates
  • Census dates
  • Formal Examination periods

To find the dates for your program, you'll need to know what Academic Calendar your program follows. You can find this information by:

  1. Navigating to the Handbook
  2. Enter the name of your program and select your program from the list
  3. Navigate to the Intake Details heading. Here you'll find the Academic Calendar that your program follows.

Once you know which Academic Calendar your program follows you can:

Your program's Handbook provides detailed information including:

  • Program structure
  • Practical and professional requirements
  • Recommended enrolment patterns

Recommended enrolment patterns are suggested study plans provided by UniSQ to help you plan the order of your courses. You can find them towards the end of your program's Handbook.

These patterns have been developed to build your foundational knowledge and ensures you meet pre-requisite requirements when completing subsequent courses. Choose a recommended enrolment pattern that suits you and your specialisation best. 

Use our quick guide to understand key university terms that you'll encounter throughout your student journey. 

Please note:
It's recommended that you follow these patterns unless there are circumstances such as credits, re-attempting a course, or course availability that require adjustments to be made. If you need assistance finding available courses or have questions about the enrolment process, start by making contact with iconnect
In some circumstances, specialised enrolment support may be required. You may be asked to complete the online Study Plan request form if iconnect are unable to support your enrolment enquiry.
You can watch the video for further information on accessing recommended enrolment patterns.

It's important to note that enrolment is a two-step process for courses that have on-campus components, such as on-campus timetabled classes, lab classes, and residential schools.

1. Course-level enrolment:

  1. Log in to UConnect
  2. Navigate to your Student Centre 
  3. Click the Manage Enrolment tile
  4. Click the Class Search and Enrol tab
  5. Select the study period you wish to enrol in
  6. Follow the prompts to search for the course and enrol.

2. Class registration for students enrolled in courses with on-campus timetabled classes, lab classes, and residential schools: 

  1. Navigate to the Manage Enrolment tile 
  2. Click the Class Registration tab
  3. Select the relevant course from the list
  4. Browse the options and select your preferred class
  5. Follow the prompts to finalise your class registration.

If you're enrolling in a course with a co-requsite, you'll need to enrol in both courses simultaneously. Use these instructions to find out how.

The way you enrol in your courses will differ depending on which Academic Calendar your program follows. Select the appropriate video to guide you through the enrolment process according to your Study Period.  

Semester Calendar 
Enrolling in courses before Class Registration opens 
Registering for classes 
Enrolling in courses after Class Registration opens

Trimester Calendar 
Enrolling in courses before Class Registration opens 
Registering for classes 
Enrolling in courses after Class Registration opens

Block Calendar 
Enrolling in courses

Note: All courses need to be allocated to a campus. Online offerings of courses are allocated to Toowoomba however the courses won't have on-campus components.  

You won't need to register for classes if your course doesn't have on-campus components. 

The timetable is released and classes open for registration approximately six weeks before the start of each study period. Mark the important dates for your study period and ensure you know when class registration opens.

Once you've enrolled in your courses it's important to note when your classes will be held.

To access your class schedule:

  1. Log into UConnect
  2. Click into your Student Centre
  3. Select the Manage Enrolment tile
  4. Click the View My Classes option in the menu

If you need help accessing your class schedule, watch the viewing your class schedule video.

Once you've enrolled you'll  be required to manage and update information about your finances.

To access information on your finances:

  1. Log into UConnect
  2. Navigate to your Student Centre
  3. Click the 'Fees' tile

In this section you can view what you owe, your payment history and the statement of your account. You also have the ability to pay your fees direct from your Student Centre through the 'Make a Payment' menu option.

Please Note:

If you've completed all outstanding Commonwealth Assistance Forms (CAF), provided your Tax File Number (TFN) and your Unique Student Identifier (USI), after the fee due date your invoice will say overdue and will remain on your Student Centre until the deferral has been completed, which is shortly after census date

For more information about finances watch the Managing Uni Finances video.

Now that you have enrolled in your upcoming Study Period, we would recommend investigating the different study support options available to you.

Use the links below to find more:

If you would like more information on supports available to you, an iconnect concierge is available 7-days a week to help.


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