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Agriculture and Environment degrees


Agriculture is the primary source of food, fibre, and many other products essential to human life. Sustainable agriculture is an approach to food production that seeks to minimise the negative environmental impacts of farming while maximising the positive social and economic benefits.

Environmental science is concerned with the ecological impacts of agricultural practices, including soil erosion, water pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. Agricultural science and environmental science work together to develop sustainable farming practices that minimise the negative impact of agriculture on the environment. 

Create solutions to solve industry problems

UniSQ works with industry to develop viable environmentally friendly solutions to some of the world’s largest commodities (concrete and food packaging).

Benefit from strong industry partnerships

UniSQ collaborates with global companies such as John Deere, playing a major role agricultural and environmental research.

Learn in world class facilities

Purpose-built and innovative facilities, such as Centre for Agricultural Engineering and Queensland College of Wine Tourism.

Professionally recognised degrees

Upon completion, and depending on your degree, you will be able to apply for professional recognition with leading industry bodies.

Australia’s top uni

We are rated five out of five stars for engineering and technology graduate starting salary (Good Universities Guide, 2023).

Explore the wonders of AgTech

You could be working in areas, ranging from gene editing, nanomaterials, automation and robotics, and synthetic biology, to 3D printing or drones.

Explore UniSQ's Agriculture and Environment degrees

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Pursue your passion for agriculture and the environment

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How do I know which course is right for me?

At UniSQ, you’ll have the opportunity to study agriculture and environment courses across many disciplines, including:

  • Agricultural engineering - Be part of the solution for the ever-growing food-related supply and demand crisis that the world continues to face.
  • Agricultural science - Learn how you can help the scientific community by becoming a qualified and in-demand agricultural scientist.
  • Animal science - Explore the biological function of animals and learn about the importance of animal welfare.
  • Climate science - Take part in learning from one of only two universities in the world that are recognised as leaders in drought research by the UN and Integrated Drought Management Program.
  • Environmental engineering - Care for our fragile environment by learning core principles and theories to help provide innovative sustainable solutions.
  • Environmental science - Understand the impact that humanity has on the environment and how you can help conservation efforts.
  • Food science - Discover the impactful science behind food and learn to understand everything that goes into human nutrition and food.
  • Wildlife management - Focus on helping with wildlife preservation and conservation in a world that is facing the dire consequences of climate change.
  • Wine science - Learn everything there is to know about wine, winemaking, and wine appraisal.  

Discover why studying an agriculture online course in Australia at UniSQ may be the right path for you!

  • UniSQ is rated five out of five stars for engineering and technology graduate starting salary (Good Universities Guide, 2023).
  • Learn in world class facilities such as the Centre for Agricultural Engineering.
  • UniSQ’s research in Agriculture, Land and Farm Management has been rated as well above world standard in the latest ERA results.  
Are flexible study options available?
Yes! At UniSQ our flexible study options allow you to tailor your study to suit your life, work and family commitments. By offering flexible study options, we provide you with the opportunity to study online environmental courses so you can study your way, when and where you want. 
What are the career prospects with an agriculture and environment degree?

An agriculture degree at UniSQ prepares you for a career in many different areas of the agriculture industry. You can learn about the environment, crops, livestock, and how to manage land resources. You can work in government agencies, private companies, or non-profit organisations by graduating from a relevant environmental course or agriculture course.

Your career prospects will depend on the discipline you choose to study. From wine science, climate science, and food science to wildlife management and even animal science. There’s no better place to study agriculture courses in Australia than UniSQ.

What are the pathways to entry?
At UniSQ,  there is more than one pathway to the course that you’re passionate about. That's why we have several pathways to study agriculture and environmental studies at UniSQ. Whether you’ve just graduated, haven’t studied in a while, or have other relevant qualifications such as VET or TAFE, we can help you find the right path to your chosen field and career. Take a look at our pathways program to discover how we can help you today.


Whether it's recognition of your academic achievement or a chance to make university a reality, there's a UniSQ scholarship for you. View our scholarships in Agriculture and Environment, check your eligibility and apply today (you can even apply for more than one)!

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