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Graduate Diploma of Professional Engineering

Graduate Diploma of Professional Engineering (GDNS)

Study mode
  • On-campus
  • External
  • Toowoomba
  • 1 year(s) (or part-time equivalent)
  • Feb, May, Sep


  • Equip yourself with academic, personal, professional and technical knowledge of engineering and spatial science.
  • The Graduate Diploma of Professional Engineering is a great qualification if you want to advance in engineering without having to complete an entire masters degree.
  • Choose from a specialised suite of technical courses across nine different specialisations.
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Who is a Graduate Diploma of Professional Engineering best suited for?

A Graduate Diploma of Professional Engineering (also known as an Advanced Diploma of Engineering) is an ideal educational stepping stone for professionals working in engineering fields who want to advance their knowledge and skills without having to commit to a postgraduate masters degree.

You can tailor your studies based on your Engineering areas of interest by choosing from a specialised suite of technical courses across nine different specialisations. 

How do I know which engineering specialisation is right for me?

A great place to start is thinking about what you enjoy and aligning it to what you’re passionate about with a degree. Identifying what you love naturally lends itself to your strengths in Engineering which can make choosing a Graduate Diploma of Engineering or Advanced Diploma of Engineering specialisation not only less stressful, but exciting. Visualise your goals, what you want to achieve and how you see your future career playing out.

The best thing about UniSQ is that we’re pretty flexible when it comes to changing your mind. If you commence a Graduate Diploma in Professional Engineering and after a semester decide you want to change specialisation, that’s ok. Our iconnect team can chat through your options. 

At UniSQ You can choose from several Engineering specialisations.

Aerospace Engineering - Gain an understanding of advanced aerospace systems to ensure safe operation and proper maintenance of aircraft and space vehicles. Tailor your studies to suit your career goals by choosing from two sub-disciplines – Mechanical or Electrical and Electronic. 

Agricultural Engineering - Build on your existing engineering knowledge by studying Agricultural Engineering, empowering you to address problems relating to sustainable agricultural production, precision agriculture and the post-harvest handling of agriculture.

Civil Engineering - During a civil Graduate Diploma in Engineering degree you will explore topics such as geotechnical engineering, pavement design, public health engineering and fluid dynamics.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering - Become empowered to apply your electrical and electronic knowledge to the design, manufacture, installation, operation, and maintenance of electrical and/or electronic plants and equipment.

Engineering Management and Enterprise - This professional graduate diploma specialisation is designed for professional engineers who wish to upskill into senior leadership roles.

Environmental Engineering - Become a highly skilled environmental engineer by learning about the sustainable management of Australia’s vital soil and water resources.

Mechanical Engineering - Examine fluid dynamics and combustion, along with the basic laws of motion and the concepts of force, energy, momentum, impulse and vibration which is fundamental to the study of mechanics and the solution of many engineering problems.

Power Engineering - Enhance your existing engineering skills by gaining an in-depth understand of power systems, including power generation, distribution, and transmission.

Structural Engineering - Become a qualified structural engineer by learning how to design, construct and maintain structures against the forces of nature and stresses of the modern environment. 

What is the difference between a graduate certificate and a graduate diploma?

The main difference between a graduate certificate and graduate diploma is the time it takes to complete each. Compared to the four-five months it takes to finish a graduate certificate, it takes up to 12 months of full-time study to complete the eight units required in a professional graduate diploma. In both the certificate and diploma, you can opt to study part-time which does increase the time in which it takes to complete the degree.

A Graduate Diploma of Engineering usually incorporates the same course options as a graduate certificate in the same discipline area but builds on your knowledge from the certificate and advances your skills further. It also has similar coursework subjects as a master's degree in the same study field, but the flexibility of not having to commit to a full master's degree.

At UniSQ you can study a 1-year Graduate Diploma in Professional Engineering (also known as an Advanced Diploma of Engineering) on-campus at our Toowoomba location or externally. 

Why study a Graduate Diploma in Engineering with UniSQ?
  • Continue to build on your knowledge by taking credits from your Graduate Diploma of Professional Engineering into a Master of Professional Engineering.
  • Learn from the experts – UniSQ is the only university in Australia to offer engineering degrees in Agricultural Engineering.
  • According to the latest ERA results we produce research well above world standard in:
    • Environmental Science and Management
    • Agriculture, Land and Farm Management
    • Crop and Pasture Production
    • Materials Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering. 
What are the career opportunities for those with a Graduate Diploma of Professional Engineering?

All of our degrees focus on developing your ability to apply the skills and knowledge you’ve gained to the career of your choice. Graduating with an Advanced Diploma of Engineering (or equivalent) opens up many career prospects. The jobs you may be interested in will vary depending on the engineering specialisation you choose to study. Some career opportunities include:

  • aerospace technician
  • compatibility engineer
  • data analyst
  • aircraft mechanic
  • mechanical or electrical engineering
  • data engineer
  • agricultural engineer
  • civil engineer
  • electrical and electronic engineer
  • computer engineer
  • power engineer
  • structural engineer.

Roles also exist in a variety of fields for professional graduate diploma alumni, including:

  • airports
  • Australian industry and defence
  • agriculture and irrigation
  • transportation
  • forestry
  • water supply and conservation
  • environmental protection
  • construction
  • telecommunications
  • power supply and energy
  • mining
  • research
  • infrastructure development
  • information technology. 
Are flexible study options available?

The different ways you can study an Advanced Diploma of Engineering (or equivalent) will vary from uni to uni but at UniSQ, yes you can study a Graduate Diploma of Engineering part-time, on-campus or externally, allowing you to balance study with your work and life commitments.

Work towards your professional postgraduate diploma at your own pace with our flexible learning options. Immerse yourself in campus life or learn your subject theory online and attend on-campus residential schools/pracs when required.

Discover the different ways you can study at UniSQ.