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From tales of lovers torn apart by warring families to dystopian worlds saved by teenagers, literature helps us to see who we were, who we are, and who we might want to be.

In UniSQ’s English Literature major, you will examine a variety of classic and contemporary works, including poetry, prose, drama, film, new media and critical essays. Through studying key texts, students gain knowledge from writers throughout the centuries, from William Shakespeare to Margaret Atwood, including Australian writers such as Bruce Dawe and Christos Tsiolkas.

Studying English Literature provides you with the opportunity to develop valuable, transferable skills in analysis, critical thinking, expression, and communication, and provides career pathways into a range of diverse areas. You will develop a clear and expressive writing style by learning how to relate texts to their cultural and historical contexts. 

English Literature students often combine their studies with other areas such as History, Creative and Critical Writing, Anthropology, Journalism, Law or Education.

Explore UniSQ's English Literature degrees

Three actors in medieval fantasy costumes performing on a stage set to resemble a castle.

Shakespeare research shakes up teaching methods

UniSQ researchers have crafted academic careers through the study of Shakespeare’s work and his ongoing legacy to students and the community of today. They’ve been analysing the role of theatre in developing socially engaged communities and have developed innovative teaching resources, to develop critical capabilities in school students by engaging them with Shakespeare.
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Which degree is right for me?

The best place to start when looking at English Literature courses is to find what you’re passionate about. It’s good to think about the career path you want to follow so you can tailor your studying experience accordingly. At UniSQ we offer a variety of English Literature degrees including:

Diploma of Arts –The perfect introduction to university allowing you to select up to seven courses across a diverse range of study areas including Criminology, Creative Writing, Journalism, History, English Literature, Counselling, Legal Studies, and more.

Bachelor of Arts (English Literature) - A three-year full-time qualification which allows you to develop valuable skills such as forming critical arguments, conducting research and documenting evidence.

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (English Literature)- An ideal stepping-stone for those who hold a bachelor degree and want to pursue specialised skills in literature at an Honours level.

Double degrees – Broaden your education and develop an interdisciplinary field of knowledge in less time than if you were to complete two separate degrees. Our Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws give you the flexibility in choosing majors to shape your studies to your goals.

Research degrees – Study a specialisation of your choosing and create change by contributing to your interest area and become an expert in your field.

Contact us to get more support and guidance in choosing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree today. 

Why should I study an English Literature degree with UniSQ?
At UniSQ, we pride ourselves on giving students access to industry-leading tools, knowledge, and teachers. Our literature degrees are designed to develop valuable, transferable skills in analysis, critical thinking, expression, and communication – through a variety of contemporary works across different mediums. Our diverse curriculum and experienced faculty make UniSQ an excellent choice to pursue your dream career path.
How do the English Literature courses at UniSQ foster a deeper appreciation for literature?
The English literature courses at UniSQ foster a deeper appreciation for literature by examining a wide range of texts of poetry, prose, drama, film, new media and critical essays. You will be able to engage with works from authors like William Shakespeare to Margaret Atwood, including Australian writers, which helps you to relate texts to cultural and historical contexts.
What skills can I expect to develop during an English Literature degree?

Studying an English Literature degree can lead to the development of a range of skills, including:

  • clear and expressive writing
  • critical analysis
  • research Skills
  • communication skills
  • cultural and historical awareness
  • time management
  • creativity and imagination.
What are the career opportunities for graduates of English literature degrees?

Graduating with an Arts an Humanities English literature degree from UniSQ can lead to a range of career options, including:

  • writer or author
  • editor
  • librarianship
  • publisher
  • public relations specialist
  • marketing and advertising copywriter
Are flexible study options available?
UniSQ understands the need for flexibility in our English Language courses. We provide a range of study options to cater to diverse needs, including on-campus, external, and online learning formats depending on the degree you choose. Whether you prefer to study your degree part-time or full-time, we offer the flexibility to balance your education with other commitments. 

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