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Graduate response

Semester 2, 2021 to Semester 1, 2022 deferred graduates:

>Step-by-step instructions Graduate Response#2 (Deferred Ceremony)<

From Monday 17 October 2022, your Graduate Response#2 (Deferred Ceremony) will be accessible via UConnect > Student Centre > Graduations tile. Complete your registration and AUD150 fee payment before the deadline below:

  • Toowoomba - no later than midnight Wednesday 30 November 2022

Semester 2, 2022 graduates:

>Step-by-step instructions Graduate Response#1 (Primary Ceremony) <

Your Graduate Response#1 (Primary Ceremony) will appear after Results Release, late on Wednesday 19 November 2022 via UConnect > Student Centre > Graduations tile, or once you receive your Congratulations Graduand! communication. You will not be able to attend an upcoming ceremony if you are not an eligible graduand before the registration and payment deadline.

Ensure you complete your registration and AUD 150 fee payment before the deadline below if you are attending a ceremony:

  • Toowoomba - no later than midnight Wednesday 30 November 2022