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Respect at UniSQ Res Colleges

Every member of the university community has the right to experience a safe, secure and welcoming environment. It is therefore expected that residents will display considerate and respectful behaviour to others at all times. Abusive behaviour, including sexual assault and harassment, will not be tolerated.  

Community values

Values of respect, integrity and excellence guide our community expectations and standards for our student cohort. All residents, student leaders and staff are committed to our university values. We expect residents to behave in a proactive, safe and tolerant manner.  

We value building a positive community with common values and we celebrate diversity as our strength, irrespective of the individuals’ background. 

Residential student support

If you are a victim of sexual assault or harassment, support is available to you at the Residential Colleges by contacting a member of Collegiate Team or college management

UniSQ also provides a variety of support services through our Safer Communities resources, with external support information available.