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Fees and scholarships

At UniSQ Residential Colleges, Accommodation Agreements are based on your study period length (i.e. Trimester or Semester based). 

You don't have to worry about rent during study breaks if you choose to vacate, and if your course requires you to go away for practical experience we can reduce your rent for the time you're gone. Please note that Flexible Learning Periods form part of the Accommodation Agreement Term. 

Included in your accommodation fees:

  • furnished single room
  • broadband internet service
  • 24-hour security service
  • cleaning of bathroom and common areas
  • utilities (electricity, gas, water and airconditioning)
  • college car parking
  • access to recreation facilities.


All rooms are single bedroom with access to self-cater facilities and varying bathroom sharing options. 

Room Type Available at 2024 weekly accommodation fee (AUD)
Steele Rudd A Block Steele Rudd only 113
Steele Rudd B Block Steele Rudd only 123
Steele Rudd Outer Blocks Steele Rudd only 158
Shared Ensuite McGregor only 169
Shared Ensuite (renovated) Concannon and McGregor 175
Private Ensuite McGregor A only 192
Private Ensuite (renovated) McGregor and Steele Rudd 197
Single Occupancy Flat All colleges 236
Accessibility Private Ensuite McGregor and Steele Rudd 197

Meal packages

Commencing from 1 January 2024, the catering service is restructuring meal packages to ensure the ongoing viability and quality of this service. A 5 meal package (dinners) and 10 meal package (lunch and dinner) is available on weekdays only, as outlined in the table below. 

Meal package 2024 weekly meal fee (AUD)
5 meals (dinner only) 75
10 meals (lunch and dinner only) 120

The above rates are based on a study period Accommodation Agreement and are not applicable to short stay residents. Residents should be aware of their contract obligations to remain in residence for the duration of the applicable study period under the Accommodation Agreement.

Short stays may be available (generally limited numbers) via our Short Stay website


UniSQ offer a wide range of scholarships to assist students throughout their learning journey.