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Gumbi Gumbi Gardens

The Gumbi Gumbi Gardens were established through a partnership between the community and the University as a place for learning and the sharing of ideas.

The Gardens were designed in close partnership with respected Historical Elders from Toowoomba and Elders of the Jarowair people.  Featuring more than 100 plant species, the Garden displays an extensive array of Indigenous flora used by the local Aboriginal communities for a range of purposes, including food and medicine.

The symbol of these Gardens – the gumbi gumbi (Pittosporum angustifolium) – was introduced to Toowoomba from further west as a multi-purpose medicine by Joyce and Walter McCarthy. It represents knowledge, growth and healing.  These Garden tell the story of the growth journey we all take; learning from our past to inform our future. It is a story of mutual dependence, of walking and growing together and of confidence in the future.

Help us keep the Gardens flourishing as a place for reconciliation, healing, learning, and teaching.  Make a positive difference by donating to help sustain our beautiful Garden for all. Give now