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Endowment funds

Endowment funds support students and the wider goals of the University far into the future. They are a powerful resource connecting the University of today with the University of tomorrow. Endowments offer a smart and sustainable way to students through special awards like scholarships and prizes in perpetuity.

Endowment funds operate through annual returns on investment. The gift principal remains in the fund return on investment provides support for scholarships and prizes for students on an annual basis.

Major gifts

Please contact us to discuss Major Gifts to establish a new endowment fund or build up an existing fund.

We would also welcome a discussion about naming opportunities and the University’s special endowment gift matching program. 

Making a donation

Anyone in Australia or overseas can donate to endowment funds at the University. Donations greater than $2 may be tax deductible for anyone subject to Australian Taxation Law.

For more information about giving to UniSQ, please contact us:

+61 7 3470 4427