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There are many ways you can make a difference.

Explore our donation options for scholarships, prizes, art and cultural gifts, research, endowment funds, and UniSQ's Japanese Garden and give now.


Supporting students in need, the Access Excellence Scholarships provide direct funding for first year studies at University.

Your gift will help students purchase that all important laptop or perhaps that critical and costly piece of special equipment for their studies.

More information about the Access Excellence Scholarship is available.

Established in 2022, the Advancing Women Endowment (AWE) Fund shares the University’s vision for creating gender equity for women in STEM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

This fund will be invested to provide an ongoing annual income stream that will support the advancement of women through scholarships and similar forms of student support – especially in academic fields where women are under-represented.

In the first instance this new fund will support education students during in-class practical experience. This is a required component for education students and can incur significant additional costs.

Please help our top education students complete their studies so they can train our next generation.

The inaugural Felicity Purcell Nursing Bursary was presented in 2010 thanks to the Purcell family's and their friends' support and generosity.

The collective generosity of our community makes an enormous difference to our future nurses from regional, rural and remote backgrounds, providing opportunities to enrich and extend their learning and make the most of their time at the University of Southern Queensland.

Supporting First Nation students in their studies at University, this endowed fund will delivery scholarship support for many years.

Your gift will help make this new scholarship a reality for a dedicated and deserving Indigenous student.

Supporting international students through their studies.

Established in 2022 from donations from many donors this scholarship recognises Professor John Cole AO’s long and celebrated career.

The scholarship supports a student from Professor Cole’s home region of the South Burnett with their continuing studies.

This special fund will help Law and Justice students with their studies. 

Celebrating 50 years of McGregor College this endowed scholarship will help a new student take their place at McGregor.

Your giving will help pass your College experience on to a new generation of students at McGregor.

More information about McGregor College is available.

Nursing is challenging, and training to be a nurse is no different.

Building real skills requires clinical experience and taking up these opportunities can be a challenge for many students. Your gift to special endowment fund will help more of our students along their path to a nursing career.

More information about the Nursing Clinical Placement bursaries is available.

Scholarship Endowment is the University’s general scholarship fund for students who deserve additional support to study.

This endowed fund provides surveying students with the help they need to get the job done.

It might be assistance with travel costs for off campus students attending residential school, it might be assistance with study costs or items of equipment.

Your gift will leave a legacy of support to these students who can achieve so much more with just that little bit extra.

Supporting Veterans with their transition to civilian life through support for their studies.


To help build a sustainable Alan Rixon Prize Endowment Fund.
Support Special Education students and the legacy of Roselynne Anderson through the Roselynne Anderson Memorial Endowment Fund

To celebrate the new location of the School of Law & Justice at our Ipswich Campus we ask the donors with an eye for excellence help us create a new, endowed Law prize for the University.

This prize will recognise the best law students with a prize funded by a special endowment fund.

Possibly the oldest academic prize at the University with more than 30 years having passed since its first award to journalism students.

We are re-invigorating the endowment fund for this prize to set it on the path to a 100-year legacy of recognising academic excellence. Help us build up this prize to recognise excellence in student journalism.

Art and Cultural Gifts

Art & culture are central to the University’s mission, and you can support our growing collection of fine art.

Your giving to the art collection fund enables the University’s curator to make quick, strategic decisions about art purchases for our collection and ensures the continual enriching of the cultural fabric of the University.


Help us keep the Garden flourishing as a place for reconciliation, healing, learning, and teaching. 

Make a positive difference by donating to help sustain our beautiful Garden for all.

The Japanese Garden at the University’s Toowoomba Campus sit amongst the first rank of public gardens in Toowoomba. They are a crowning community achievement and there is so much more we can do to present the best possible garden.

The original garden design from over 30 years ago included a special tea house / pavilion. We want to finalise the design intent of the original builders of the Garden with this important feature. This fund will help deliver a high quality, elegant structure that builds on the overall tranquillity nature of the Garden.

Help us complete this important and idyllic community space, and discover the tranquility of one of Toowoomba's most peaceful and beautiful parks.

We are constantly improving the Japanese Garden at the University. Help us present the best possible gardens through your giving.


At UniSQ we are committed to research that creates real and impactful change for your dynamic world. Be inspired by our globally recognised research that delivers innovative solutions to real-world problems.

Driving discovery and creating new knowledge is our research cornerstone, and you can help! Support our researchers 

World-leading research to help create world-changing results.
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