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Leave a gift in your will

A bequest is a means of leaving a powerful and permanent legacy in your Will. It’s a personal decision enabling you to specify where you would like your donation to be made, and what purpose you would like it to be used for. 

A bequest can honour the memory of a loved one, invest in the future of the community through improving education, support critical research and the development of new technology or simply give others a chance to fulfil their learning potential.

We advise talking to your family members and your solicitor about including a bequest to UniSQ in your Will. If you would like to update your existing will with a gift to UniSQ, we can provide appropriate wording for a codicil if required. We also provide recommended wording for you:

We are here to help you get started, so please contact us for more information. 

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Kevin Charlesworth

“Our family has a strong connection with education on the Darling Downs, with my own connection to UniSQ going back to when I was a student at the DDIAE. Sometimes kids are in that situation, where they have the brains but just don’t have the financial means to go to University. I was one of those kids who needed that little bit of support and I was fortunate enough to receive a small amount of financial assistance. I couldn’t have done it [University study] without it. That little bit of help makes the difference. With an education, you can have the world at your feet and I am so proud to be able to provide opportunities for others through a bequest to UniSQ.”

Barbara Thelander

“Commencing with my attendance at the McGregor Summer School many years ago, I have closely followed the growth of UniSQ. Both my father and grandfather were recipients of university scholarships which enabled them to pursue and achieve their educational goals which otherwise would not have been possible for them. It is a privilege for me to now help young students to pursue their educational goals with a scholarship at UniSQ.”

Rob Nielsen

"I feel that having an educated populace is the key to Australia's future. I was very fortunate that there were no fees when I completed my tertiary studies and had this not been the case I would not have been able to undertake them. Being able to remember a very talented close friend who was unable to realise his potential, while assisting another person to reach theirs, gives me a great deal of satisfaction".

For more information about leaving a gift in your will, please contact us:

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