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UniSQ Toowoomba

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Solar panels installed across the campus.

Students choose to study at UniSQ Toowoomba.

Why study at UniSQ Toowoomba
UniSQ’s founding university in Toowoomba takes pride in offering a diverse range of degrees and courses that cater to the unique needs and aspirations of our students. With modern and well-equipped facilities, support services and recreational activities, we are the ideal choice when considering universities in Toowoomba region and beyond. Let us help you reach new heights with your education and career.
What facilities and services are available at the Toowoomba campus?

Our Toowoomba university campus is well-equipped with a range of facilities, including academic buildings, lecture theatres, research labs. We are also offer:

  • an award winning and well-resourced library
  • free student support with dedicated professionals to help you with study, counselling, career development, disability support and more
  • sports and recreation at our Toowoomba university UniSQ Works Health and Recreation Club
  • on-campus accommodation at Residential Colleges
  • a variety of food and drink options to cater to the needs of the UniSQ Toowoomba university.
How can I find accommodation at the Toowoomba university?
Our university in Toowoomba provides a range of on-campus accommodation options  designed to suit different preferences and budgets. Whether you want all-inclusive accommodation with meals provided, or would prefer to share a kitchen, UniSQ Residential Colleges offers a great student living experience. Experience a convenient and immersive living experience all within walking distance to all UniSQ Toowoomba campus facilities.
What are the transport and parking options at the campus?
Our Toowoomba campus offers comprehensive transport and parking solutions to ensure easy accessibility within our university in Toowoomba. Students and staff can benefit from on-campus parking, public transport links, and dedicated cycling paths.
What support services are available for current students?
At UniSQ, student support is a priority. A wide offering of services, including study support, personal counselling, and career development advice, is readily available to help you succeed at UniSQ. 
Are there any clubs or societies at the Toowoomba university campus?
Engaging with clubs and societies is part of the vibrant campus life at UniSQ. With a variety of groups covering academic, cultural, and recreational interests, our university in Toowoomba provides many rich learning and social opportunities to help you connect with others and enjoy uni life.  
How does the campus ensure safety and security?
We are committed to providing a safe and secure environment on our Toowoomba university campus. The campus is constantly monitored with a 24/7 trained and experienced campus security, and emergency services are readily accessible.
How can students access library resources at Toowoomba?
The library is a key resource for academic success, providing access to a multitude of books, journals, and electronic resources. At UniSQ we focus on ensuring our students have access to the resources and facilities needed to succeed at univeristy and beyond. 

Contact UniSQ Toowoomba

Future student  1800 269 500 (toll free) 
Current student 1800 007 252 (toll free)
+61 7 4631 2285
International +61 7 4631 5543