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Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (BAHN)

Study mode
  • Online
  • On-campus
  • Toowoomba
  • 1 year(s) (or part-time equivalent)
  • Feb, May, Sep


  • Extend your passion: Honours is a specialised year of study for students who have achieved a high standard in undergraduate studies.
  • An Honours-year enables you to specialise in a study area of your choice, while developing a capacity for advanced research at a higher academic level.
  • Prepare a supervised dissertation which builds a foundation for further study and even a PhD, or develop advanced communication skills and knowledge to give you an edge in a competitive job market.
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Begin your study journey today with the university rated 5/5 stars for graduates starting salaries* and start the degree that’s right for you.

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How do I decide on a Bachelor of Arts Honours major?

A great place to start is thinking about what you enjoy and aligning it to what you’re passionate about with a degree. Identifying what you love naturally lends itself to your strengths in Arts and Humanities which can make choosing a BA Honours major not only less stressful, but exciting. Visualise your goals, what you want to achieve and how you see your future career playing out.

The best thing about UniSQ is that we’re pretty flexible when it comes to changing your mind. If you commence a Bachelor of Arts Honours and after a semester decide you want to change majors, that’s ok. Our iconnect team can chat through your options.

At UniSQ You can choose from several specialisations including:

  • Anthropology - Learn how to become a professional anthropologist, equipped to address some of the world’s most pressing social issues, such as cultural conflict, discrimination, food security and social inequality.
  • Contemporary Media Studies - Gain an in-depth understanding of how language, film, television, culture, social media and mass communication dynamically shapes our lives.
  • Creative & Critical Writing - When you study a Bachelor of Arts Honours majoring in Creative & Critical Writing, you will extend and deepen your skillset as a creative writer and prepare for future study in a postgraduate research degree.
  • English Literature - Learn specialised BA Honours skills in literature, extending your capacity to research and analyse.
  • History - Develop your capacity for specialised study and tailor your learning journey by completing a dissertation under supervision in an area of your interest.
  • International Relations - Explore both traditional theories of International Relations and the emerging field of Human Security.
  • Journalism Studies - A Bachelor of Arts Honours Journalism major allows you to enhance your knowledge by extending your Journalism studies into a fourth year as opposed to a 3-year bachelor qualification.
  • Public Relations Studies - Focus your research on your chosen Public Relations area of interest and learn how strategic communication and publicity can have lasting impacts on a business.
  • Social Justice Studies - Deepen your understanding of fairness, equality, and human rights and become prepared for careers in government, non-government agencies or the private sector. 
What are the benefits of pursuing an Honours program?

There are many benefits to studying a Bachelor of Arts with Honours. 

  • An honours qualification enhances the skills you gained during your undergraduate studies and gives you the opportunities to develop critical transferable skills which are valuable to employers.
  • When you study a Bachelor of Arts Honours you gain insights into research at a higher academic level which prepares you for higher degree study such as a Master or PhD.
  • Become an expert in your area of interest and gain a more in-depth understanding of a topic than you would otherwise studying a 3-year undergraduate qualification. 
Why study a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree with UniSQ?

Gain a strong start to your career with a BA Honours from UniSQ:

  • UniSQ’s anthropology and archaeology courses are based on research-led teaching, offering hands-on fieldwork, and are led by some of the most prominent archaeologists in Australia.
  • We are rated five out of five stars for graduate starting salary (Good Universities Guide, 2024).
  • Learn from the best - our research in Historical Studies is at world standard, according to the latest ERA results. 
What are the career opportunities for those with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours?

All of our degrees focus on developing your ability to apply the skills and knowledge you’ve gained to the career of your choice. Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours opens up many career prospects. The jobs you may be interested in will vary depending on the specialisation you choose to study. UniSQ Bachelor of Arts (Honours) graduates can explore career opportunities in:

  • anthropology
  • museums
  • public relations
  • communications
  • management
  • advertising
  • arts and culture industries
  • media
  • editing and publishing
  • foreign affairs
  • tourism
  • policy
  • public administration. 

Use your Bachelor of Arts (Honours) qualification as a stepping-stone to further study. After you complete a BA Honours with UniSQ you could take the credit from your studies into a Master of Research or the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

Are flexible study options available?

How you can study a Bachelor of Arts with Honours (or equivalent) will vary from uni to uni but at UniSQ, yes you can generally study a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) part-time, on-campus or online, allowing you to balance study with your work and life commitments.

Work towards your BA Honours at your own pace with our flexible learning options. Discover the different ways you can study at UniSQ.