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Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts (BART)

Study mode
  • On-campus
  • Online
  • Springfield
  • Toowoomba
  • 3 year(s) (or part-time equivalent)
  • Feb, Jul, Nov
Note: This program is currently being re-accredited and is as a consequence likely to undergo some changes.


  • Future-proof your career. Invest in flexible and transferable skills that will equip you for all the career opportunities the modern world will provide with skills in communication, critical thinking and reading, and problem-solving.
  • Choose from a wide range of specialities in international relations, humanities, communication, literature, history, public relations, indigenous studies, and access in-depth knowledge and experience in our lecturers.
  • Benefit from networks of contacts in industry before you graduate.

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What is a Bachelor of Arts?

A Bachelor of Arts is a tertiary qualification with a focus on humanities areas such as media, history, anthropology literature creative writing, languages, and public relations - to name a few! The degree often allows you to combine majors and minors of interest to create your own specialised skill-set.

At UniSQ, you can study your Bachelor of Arts online and choose from 15 different specialisation areas.

Why study a Bachelor of Arts?
Enhance and develop transferable skills that will equip you for many careers and a variety of fields and sectors. Transferable skills you will gain during your Bachelor of Arts studies include critical thinking and reading, problem solving, time management, adaptability, and teamwork. These skills are increasingly desirable in the workplace.
What can I do with a Bachelor of Arts degree?

According to there are many different jobs you can pursue with a Bachelor of Arts qualification including:

  • Government roles
  • Non-government roles (ie policy development, administration, and advocacy).
  • Higher education or private education (tutoring, student support, professional services)
  • Media and Communications
  • Arts and culture (gallery assistants, public programs.

If you wish to continue your studies or want to pursue a career in academia or research then you may want to continue your students with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) which can be followed by a masters degree or PhD.

What are the entry requirements for a Bachelor of Arts?

To study a Bachelor of Arts online or on-campus at UniSQ you need to meet a minimum ATAR and assumed knowledge. ‘Assumed knowledge’ is the term we use to explain the minimum level of knowledge we presume you have in some subjects before you start your degree.

Adjustment factor pathways can also provide you with additional points than may increase your Rank. Find out if you qualify for any adjustment factor pathways.

For further information on ATAR, assumed knowledge and adjustment factor pathways, please view the entry requirements section of your preferred specialisation for details.

If you don’t meet the entry requirements, we have many pathway options you can explore.

How long does a Bachelor of Arts take?

A Bachelor of Arts will take you approximately three years to complete. Some students choose to study part-time which increases the time it takes to finish the required courses.

At UniSQ, we understand that many of our students are balancing family, social and work commitments in their lives. Our flexible study options allow you to tailor your study to suit your needs. If required, you can reduce your study-load and choose to study part-time. Discover more about the ways to study at UniSQ.

Can I study online?

Yes! UniSQ offers the Bachelor of Arts online, so you have the flexibility you need to pursue study while balancing your life, work and family commitments.

Over 75% of UniSQ students choose to study online and benefit from our 40+ years of experience delivering online learning.

  • Listen to recorded lectures when it suits you.
  • Access the library’s free online learning services
  • Connect with peers and lecturers through online discussion forums.
  • Benefit from access to various academic support services.

Take a look at how online learning works at UniSQ and discover how you can study a Bachelor of Arts online in Australia.

How much does a Bachelor of Arts cost in Australia?

The cost of a Bachelor of Arts online or on-campus in Australia will vary depending on the education provider you choose.

When you study at UniSQ, the first year of your studies will cost approximately AUD14630 (Commonwealth supported place), not including the student services and amenities fees.

Please view the fees and scholarships section of your chosen specialisation for details.

Why study a Bachelor of Arts with UniSQ?
  • UniSQ is Ranked No.1 in Australia for graduate starting salary (Good Universities Guide, 2022)
  • Benefit from the ability to study online or on-campus, or fast track your degree by studying over Semester 3 (November intake).
  • Learn and develop flexible and transferable skills that will equip you for a variety of career avenues.