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Open Access Week 2022

October 24 - 30, 2022

UniSQ Open Access Week events schedule

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Tuesday 25 October 2022

9.30 am - 10.15 am (AEST)
Enhancing students' graduate attributes through renewable assignments  View the recording 

Thursday 27 October 2022

9.00 am - 10.00 am (AEST)

Building university-industry partnerships using Open Access resources: Implications for workforce capacity building and implementation research

 View the recording

Friday 28 October 2022

10.00 am - 10.45 am (AEST) 
Navigating through the world of OER: Tips and tricks, unexpected traps, and the rewards!   View the recording

Session Details: abstracts and speakers

Enhancing students' graduate attributes through renewable assignments

Date: Tuesday 25 October 2022

Time: 9.30 am - 10.15 am (AEST/Brisbane Time)

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Abstract: Renewable assignments are a way for university students to engage with assessment that is authentic, constructionist and shared with an open licence. This presentation draws together the voices of lecturers and student authors who participated in renewable assignments in two postgraduate education courses in early 2022. These assignments led to the open publication of Hearts and Minds: Mental Health Support for Schools and a book in press about multiliteracies in the early years. The presentation will open with lecturer outlines of how each renewable assignment was conceived and implemented, followed by student presentations about their experience with the renewable assignment and how it has contributed to their attributes as a university graduate in the fields of educational counselling and education. The presentation concludes with the launch of Hearts and Minds, a series of mental health case studies that can inform support and intervention for students, school staff, and families.


Sophie Woodward: After completing her undergraduate degree in Music at Griffith University, Sophie worked in many different sectors, but always returned to the idea of teaching. After having her second child in 2020, she decided to finally pursue a Master of Learning and Teaching (Primary) at the University of Southern Queensland. Sophie is passionate about creating positive and rich learning environments for all children and is excited to finally get in the classroom upon graduating next year. Sophie is very grateful for the chance to contribute to the upcoming multimodal publication

Jillian Stansfield: Dr Jillian Stansfield has been a school teacher for over a decade and specialises in working with neurodiverse children and their parents. Her previous research was on the female presentation of autism in early childhood and the research resulted in the development of a communication tool for parents, teachers and health practitioners. Jillian is an advocate for normalising the conversation around mental health and having the best supports available to students, which is the reason for extending her studies at UniSQ in the Master of Education (Guidance and Counselling). 

Kim Rohde: I am an experienced senior teacher who has been in the role of Principal Education Officer: Student Services at a Department of Education regional office for the past three and a half years. This opportunity ignited my interest in guidance after working closely with Senior Guidance Officers to support the wellbeing and engagement of our diverse learners in schools.  As a future Guidance Officer, it will be my goal to work collaboratively with the school community to promote a learning environment where students feel safe and connected.  My passion is working with adolescents hence my mental health case report on adolescent anxiety.  It has been an honour to contribute to such a valuable resource for schools.

Katelyn Jackson: Katelyn Jackson is a Secondary School teacher based on the Sunshine Coast. Having worked in Year Coordinator roles gaining experience working with student support teams to improve the wellbeing of students from a variety of backgrounds, student wellbeing became a passion. Katelyn is a mother of two children and took the opportunity to begin studying the Masters of Education-Guidance and Counselling at University of Southern Queensland at the beginning of her maternity leave in 2021. This journey has been one of great opportunity and has provided many important learning opportunities. Katelyn is eager to see where this journey will take her personally and professionally.

Yosheen Pillay: Yosheen Pillay is a Psychologist and Senior Lecturer in Educational Counselling within the School of Education at the University of Southern Queensland. Yosheen’s research interests are related to the fields of disability studies in educational contexts specifically autism. Her primary area of  research focuses on inclusive practices for individuals with a disability, specifically Autism Spectrum Disorder and Intellectual Disability in key areas of transitions, employment and adult living. This focused area of interest grew out  of 22 years of teaching experience in the special education sector as a Disability Advisor and School Transition Officer, Autism Spectrum Disorder specific, within the Department of Education (Education Queensland). Yosheen currently also supervises Higher Degree Research students within this area.

Eseta Tualaulelei: Eseta Tualaulelei is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education at the University of Southern Queensland who teaches and researches in the areas of intercultural education and the professional development of teachers. She has co-edited three student-authored open publications and is a recipient of the OEGlobal UNESCO Open Educational Resources Implementation Award for Excellence 2021. Her current project with Dr Yosheen Pillay explores the value of open assessment for developing graduate capabilities for professional leadership.


Building university-industry partnerships using Open Access resources: Implications for workforce capacity building and implementation research                                             

Date: Thursday 27 October 2022

Time: 9.00 am - 10.00 am (AEST/Brisbane Time)

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Abstract: Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) realities has demanded swift adoption of innovative teaching, conducting research, and building industry partnerships. In this presentation, we present a case study of utilising Open Access (OA) resources in promoting trauma-informed education in schools. We will highlight the use of OA resources for feasible program implementation; preliminary findings regarding its impact and directions for future innovation. 

Speaker: Dr. Govind Krishnamoorthy is a clinical psychologist and senior lecturer at the University of Southern Queensland. Dr Krishnamoorthy has over fifteen years of experience in child and youth mental health services in both private and public settings. His research lab focuses on improving equity and access to mental health care for children, youth and their families. He is the author of Trauma Informed Behaviour Support – a novel mental health program promoting trauma-informed care in education and health care settings. A resident of Ipswich, Dr. Krishnamoorthy coordinates several innovative industry partnerships to promote mental health in regional communities.


Navigating through the world of OER: Tips and tricks, unexpected traps, and the rewards!

Date: Friday 28 October 2022

Time: 10.00 am - 10.45 am (AEST/Brisbane Time)

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Abstract: Open educational resources (OER) provide the opportunity to reduce study related expenses across a range of teaching levels and disciplines, for both educators and students. However, the currently available resources may not always be appropriate, up-to-date, or transferrable between groups, countries, or topics. Creating novel and/or tailored resources may appear overwhelming, however there are several tips and tricks to assist in the process, unanticipated traps to be mindful of, and unexpected rewards which may arise. The following interactive presentation will delve into the lessons learned from generation of two open educational textbooks in the field of anatomy and physiology and biomedical sciences.

Speaker: Dr. Anna ChruĊ›cik is an academic at the University of Southern Queensland, with a primary teaching focus on biology, human anatomy and physiology, and biomedical sciences. Her research background focused on cellular biology and has recently shifted to development of OERs and enhancing student engagement and satisfaction. Anna strives to excite and inspire students about science by providing relatable guidance, support, and knowledge.