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Pathway Partners

Articulation arrangements

UniSQ articulation arrangements provide an opportunity for you to progress from your completed external qualification into an approved UniSQ program. Depending on the nature of the arrangement, the completed qualification may be credited towards a UniSQ qualification or may qualify you for admission into a UniSQ degree.

Dual award

UniSQ offers dual award programs with prestigious universities around the world. If you study at a selected university, you will be able to undertake designated UniSQ courses while completing the courses of your current program at the partner institution. Upon completion, you will receive awards from both universities. 

UniSQ has a large number of articulation and dual partnership arrangements with national and international education providers including private education institutions, universities and TAFE. 


UniSQ Articulation Partners

Gain credit towards a UniSQ degree. UniSQ has articulation partnership arrangements with TAFE providers, private education institutions and universities around the world. Discover the countries, institutions and programs available by using our articulation credit calculator.