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Fast tracking his degree with Semester 3
Josh is standing in front of a large tree, holding textbooks while smiling at the camera.

The decision to study in Semester 3 ultimately became the reason why Josh could fast track his Bachelor of Arts degree, which worked to his advantage when halfway through his degree Josh was offered a full-time position in Marketing.

‘Trying to maintain a social life and push myself to maintain my study load altered my thinking about Semester 3. I chose to lighten the load and chase quality of life over stretching myself thin over all my commitments and Semester 3 allowed me to do this.’ 

Josh studied two courses over the summer semester which meant less courses per semester, keeping him on track to finish on-time.

‘It was always a practical predicament for me, could I finish in three years doing the typical study load and would my quality of life suffer during a time when I wanted to take every opportunity possible? The answer was studying in Semester 3 could help me achieve exactly that.’