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Multi-million dollar deal in global environment effort.
Gerard is sitting with arms crossed in front of black backdrop, looking at the camera.

Described as ‘Australia’s Elon Musk’, University of Southern Queensland Business graduate Gerard Barron has finalised the business collaboration of his career, that has the potential to revolutionise the renewable energy space.

As the CEO and Chairman of DeepGreen – the world’s largest underdeveloped metals resource company – the son of Darling Downs dairy farmers is one step closer to making his vision of revolutionising the electric vehicle and renewable energy sectors a reality.

'DeepGreen is a developer of lower-impact battery metals made from unattached seafloor polymetallic nodules. The reality is that the clean energy transition is not possible without taking billions of tons of metal from the planet. Seafloor nodules offer a way to dramatically reduce the environmental bill of this extraction and we are getting into this industry with a deep commitment to ocean health and a clear stop date in mind,' Mr Barron said.

'The combined company has a pro forma equity value of US$2.9 billion and will operate as The Metals Company upon closing. As part of the transaction the company has raised SU$630M to support the ongoing development activities. Together we’ll produce better metals to supply the electric vehicle transition, while building up enough metal stock to stop extracting from the planet and enable society to live off recycled metals.'

The youngest of five children and enduringly inspired by his Mother’s outlook on life, Gerard Barron now lives and works between bases in London, California and Dubai – a long way from his childhood home of Biddeston near Oakey.

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