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Engineering the future of sustainability
Kyra is sitting on the veranda of her house, playing with her dogs and laughing.

Kyra O’Sullivan’s goal is to be involved in creating a world that is sustainable for future generations. Choosing to study a Bachelor of Engineering, she aims to equip herself with the skills to solve some of the world’s greatest problems.

‘I grew up on a farm so I’m really interested in the agricultural applications of environmental engineering. There’s nothing more important that we could be doing for our future than to try and protect the environment so other people can enjoy what we have.'

Kyra enjoyed the work experience component of her engineering degree. She had the opportunity to work at a coal mine, and aid cotton research development at UniSQ’s Centre for Agricultural Engineering.  Additionally, Kyra received a scholarship to go on exchange to Germany to study their sustainability measures, including bioenergy plants, wind turbines, and other projects. 

‘It was an amazing experience that allowed me to broaden my horizons and meet like-minded people. I now have contacts all over the globe including leading researchers at the front of climate change action.’