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ATAR explained

ATAR is the primary criteria to assess and compare the results of high school students for entry into an undergraduate university degree.

Assessing your ATAR

If your ATAR is equal or higher than your chosen degree’s entry requirements, and you meet any other entry requirements of the degree, you are in a great position to receive an offer from UniSQ. 

Don’t forget, UniSQ’s Academic Excellence Scholarships are automatically awarded to eligible Year 12 Students who put UniSQ as #1 on their QTAC application for 2024 and achieve the required ATAR.

If you want to change your preferences after receiving your ATAR score, you have three days to do so in QTAC.

That’s okay! The UniSQ team can help you get into your desired degree, no matter what your ATAR. There are several options available:

  1. Our free Pathway Programs can help you get into your chosen degree. They can be short as one semester and can guarantee you entry into most UniSQ degrees.
  2. Include the Bachelor of Multidisciplinary Studies in your QTAC preferences. You can start your studies and may be able to transfer into another degree after you’ve successfully completed your first semester.

Remember you can go over all your options with our Degree Advisors

No worries. There are plenty of other ways to get into uni and we are here to help make it happen.

UniSQ’s Pathway Programs can be completed in as little as one semester and can guarantee you entry into most UniSQ degrees. You'll learn how to succeed at university, and the confidence to follow your dream career.

If you have a TAFE (VET) qualification, you may be able to use this to gain entry into UniSQ and receive recognition of prior learning

Chat with our Degree Advisors to chat about your study options.

About ATAR

ATAR (Australian tertiary admission rank) is the primary criteria to assess and compare the results of high school students for entry into and undergraduate university degree.

ATARs are expressed as a number on a scale from 99.95 (highest) to 0.00 (lowest) in 0.05 increments with ATARs below 30.00 are reported as “30.00 or less”. The amount of students in each increment is determined by the Year 12 population in Queensland.

An ATAR of 75.00 does not mean you received a score of 75%, it indicates you were placed in the top 25% of Queensland in your Year 12 cohort.

The Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) calculates ATARs for Queensland school leavers.

The ATAR is calculated using a student’s best 5 General subject results or:

  • best results across 4 General subjects plus an Applied subject
  • best results across 4 General subjects plus a VET qualification at a Certificate lll level or above.

The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) then provide QTAC with student subject results and completed VET qualifications to complete the ATAR calculation.

Further information on Queensland ATAR is available.

QCE and ATAR are different and have different purposes.

The Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) will remain as Queensland’s senior secondary school qualification. 
ATAR tells us the students ranking compared to other students in the state. The only intended purpose of ATAR is to assist universities with selecting applicants. 

QCE is awarded and released by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) whereas the ATAR is calculated and released by the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC).

General subjects will replace authority subjects in the new ATAR system.

Some UniSQ degrees only require assumed knowledge, however some have English as an entry requirements and some degrees may require Mathematics and/or Science. There are many general subjects you can choose from to meet pre-requisites for English, Mathematics and Science.

Categories  General subjects 
English  English
English as an additional language
Literature English
Literature Extension 
Mathematics  General Mathematics
Mathematical Methods
Specialist Mathematics
Science  Agricultural Science
Earth & Environmental Science
Marine Science

To meet the pre-requisites you must have a minimum grade C in Units 3 & 4. It is important to check what pre-requisites are required for the program you want to study when you make your year 10 subject selection.

Further information on UniSQ entry requirements is available.

Some programs may include additional entry requirements that must be met before an applicant can gain entry to a program.

All Programs English Language Proficiency – For entry to all programs at UniSQ, applicants must be able to display proof of an adequate level English Language Proficiency to ensure the applicant’s best chance of success within the program.
Creative Arts Programs Audition/Interview – There are specific audition or interview requirements relevant to the various creative arts programs at UniSQ. 
Education Programs Non-Academic Requirement – Applicants wishing to gain entry to an education program that can result in eligibility to apply for Teacher Registration with the Queensland College of Teachers are required to complete a Non-Academic component addressing Teacher Suitability criteria. 
Bachelor of Nursing ANMAC English Language Declaration Form – Applicants for the Bachelor of Nursing program are required to submit a Declaration form in conjunction with their QTAC application to assist with the assessment of their English Language Proficiency. This form will be requested by QTAC once the application is submitted and the initial assessment of the application has occurred.

If you do not receive an ATAR or achieve the result you were hoping for, don't worry UniSQ has pathway options for you. UniSQ will continue to accept certificate III or higher as a pathway option.

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Adjustment factors pathways

You may be able to increase your selection rank with an Adjustment factor pathway, helping you gain entry into your choose UniSQ degree.

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