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Assumed knowledge

‘Assumed knowledge’ is the term we use to explain the minimum level of knowledge we presume you have in some subjects before you start your degree.

At UniSQ, many programs don’t require you to have studied specific subjects at school to enrol in our undergraduate degrees, but you do need a sound level of knowledge in those areas. However, some degrees do have specific prerequisite subjects, that is subjects you must have successfully completed prior to starting at UniSQ. 

If you would like to apply to study, and you are not sure you have the assumed knowledge required, we recommend you enrol in a preparatory course to develop the knowledge you need. 

What's the assumed knowledge for my degree?

If your degree has assumed knowledge it will be included in the ‘Entry requirements’ section of the degree information. 

Some degrees have additional assumed knowledge equivalent to one or more of the following subjects:

2018 and 2019 Queensland OP subjects 2020 and onward Queensland ATAR subjects 
English (4, SA) English (Units 3 & 4, C)
Mathematics A (4, SA)  General Mathematics (Units 3 & 4, C) 
Mathematics B (4, SA)  Mathematical Methods (Units 3 & 4, C) 
Mathematics C (4, SA)  Specialist Mathematics (Units 3 & 4, C) 
Biology (4, SA)  Biology (Units 3 & 4, C) 
Chemistry (4, SA)  Chemistry (Units 3 & 4, C) 
Physics (4, SA)  Physics (Units 3 & 4, C) 

Check your degree information to find out what the assumed knowledge is for your degree.

How much knowledge do I need?

We assume your knowledge is equivalent to a grade C or higher in Units 3 and 4 at high school level (typically studied in Year 12). Completion of units 1 and/or 2 only (typically studied in Year 11) will not be sufficient to meet entry requirements.

You'll see this listed under ‘Entry requirements’ within individual degree information as ‘(Units 3 & 4, C)’.

What if I’m not sure I have the assumed knowledge for my degree?

Without the assumed knowledge, you might find it difficult to keep up in your classes as our courses are built on the assumed knowledge.

You can check your current English and Mathematics knowledge via an online quiz. Use the enrolment key 'AssumedKnowledge' to enrol in the quiz. 

At the end of the quiz, you will receive suggestions about how to improve your knowledge to get ready for your studies. This may include enrolling in courses in UniSQ’s Tertiary Preparation Pathway (TPP). You can undertake preparatory courses within our Tertiary Preparation Pathway, before or during your degree, to ensure you are prepared for learning success.

Preparatory courses for English:

For all degrees: TPP7122 and TPP7123

Preparatory courses for General Mathematics (previously Mathematics A):

For all degrees except Engineering and Construction: TPP7181

For Engineering and Construction: TPP7182

Preparatory courses for Mathematical Methods (previously Mathematics B):

For all degrees: TPP7183

Further Library Study Support resources are available to help you develop your study skills and knowledge.

Recommended study

Entry requirements for some degrees also list subjects as recommended study.

If you have studied these subjects at school, it may assist you to understand more about topics in your degree. If you want to find out more about recommended study please contact us.