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Finance overview

When you study finance at UniSQ, you will delve into the fast-paced world of corporate finance, banking, portfolio management and fintech. With access to cutting edge software such as Refinitiv Workspace/Datastream and Morningstar DatAnalysis, you can explore global and institutional approaches to the world’s financial systems and apply the knowledge you acquire to current cases in business.

At UniSQ you will learn from experts in the field with proven industry experience and established reputations on topics such as investment securities, corporate governance, fintech, information theory and decision making. You can immerse yourself in finance courses at UniSQ to cultivate your passion for learning, whether that is on-campus or online.

Our flexible study options mean that there is no better place to study finance in Australia.

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Business & Management
Rachel Ranton uses her military skills of leadership and enthusiasm to learn and lead change as an Inclusion and Diversity Consultant with Westpac Group.
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Why study finance?

A financial degree at UniSQ opens up many prospects for a rewarding career path. Whether you’d like to be a financial analyst (including financial crime), a funds manager, a market research officer, or even an options/futures trader, the broad spectrum of finance can open up many paths for you. Studying finance will ensure that you can follow your passion and embark on a rewarding career.

What do you learn in a finance degree?

A finance degree at UniSQ falls under the study area of business and management. As such, you will learn how to foster your networking skills and develop an understanding of key financial principles, such as financial analysis, funds management, market research, risk management, corporate policy, and more.

We offer finance degrees at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, so all students can follow their dream career path. 

What can I do with a finance degree?

UniSQ believes in fostering knowledge and skill development to provide the fundamental building blocks for our students to follow their dream career paths. We ensure that all students will be exposed to an inclusive, diverse, supportive, and flexible environment when they study finance at UniSQ. Following your passion in finance will lead to a finance degree that can open up many career paths, including:

  • Banker
  • Insurer
  • Funds manager
  • Financial analyst
  • Industrial analyst
  • Investment analyst
  • Investment banker
  • Security analyst
  • Underwriter
  • Options/futures trader
  • Risk manager
  • Lending officer
  • Finance officer
  • Corporate/policy advisor
  • Business consultant
  • Financial advisor
  • Market research officer
  • Financial crime analyst. 
How do I know which finance degree is right for me?

Choosing the perfect degree for you is something we can help with — and we always recommend that our students follow their passion! At UniSQ, our finance degrees are tailored to those with a true interest in the industry, ensuring that the learning environment fosters effective growth. If you are unsure which degree is right for you, you can always get in touch with us, and we can offer some guidance to point you in the right direction.

What are the pathways to studying finance at UniSQ?

At UniSQ, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach is not appropriate for every student. We cater to each of our student's unique needs through our inclusive pathway programs. Whether you’ve just finished Year 12, been away from study for a while, have a VET, TAFE or other relevant qualification, we ensure that you have a form of entry into a finance degree at UniSQ.

Can I study finance online?

Yes! At UniSQ you can balance your life, work and family commitments by studying where and when you want. That's why you can study finance online and create a flexible path to your dream degree. Our online finance courses will allow you to create a tailor-made experience for your study path at UniSQ. 

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