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Agriculture and Environment degrees

Agricultural and Environmental Engineering degrees


Do you want to understand the impacts of humans on biodiversity and the environment, or explore how we can live more sustainably? Are you committed to understanding and developing systems for positive environmental change? Our Agricultural and Environmental Engineering degrees can see you providing innovative solutions that help the sustainable development of our society. 

As an Environmental engineer, you could help respond to the growing pressures on our environment. Design, plan, and implement solutions to protect human health and natural ecosystems while working to improve all aspects surrounding humanity and its essential relationship to nature.

UniSQ Environmental Engineering degrees will give you the skills to design systems for recycling wastewater, reducing industrial energy consumption, and monitoring air quality. Gain hands-on laboratory experience, and benefit from extensive connections and opportunities to complete practical industry projects.

As the world’s population continues to increase, we will need to double food production by 2050 to meet global demands, while protecting our fragile resources for the 'Dining Boom' (National Geographic, 2017). So what can be done to help? As an agricultural engineer, you will design, plan, supervise, manage, and build environmentally impactful solutions. 

UniSQ’s Agricultural Engineering degrees will provide you with the expertise to make a positive impact. Study the design of intelligent irrigation systems to maximise crop yield (whilst saving valuable water resources) or the use of precision agriculture to increase the effectiveness and accuracy of fertiliser and herbicide application. 


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Fraser is smiling while using robotic equipment.


Graduating from a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) , Fraser is conducting research at UniSQ’s Centre for Agricultural Engineering alongside international robotics and agriculture companies.
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