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Certify your documents

Having your documents certified ensures that we know your submitted documents are a genuine, true and correct copy of your original documents. It is important that you submit good quality, clearly scanned, colour certified documents to support your application to study with UniSQ. Documents in a language other than English, must have the English translation prepared by an accredited translator. The certification must be on the copy, not on another page attached to the copy.

For certified documents to be accepted by UniSQ, the certifying officer must:

  • write on the copy "This is a true copy of the original documents sighted by me"
  • sign and print their name
  • provide an address and a contact telephone number
  • state their profession or occupation group (as below)
  • write on the copy the date certified
  • affix the official stamp or seal of the certifier's organisation on the copy.

In addition, if the certifying officer is a Justice of the Peace, the certifying officer must list registration number and state or territory of registration.

Example documents of what we may ask to be certified are as follows:

  • Passport
  • Official transcripts/testamurs
  • Birth certificate
  • Drivers licence
  • National identity card
  • Marriage certificate or Change of Name certificate issued by a State Registry of Birth, Deaths & Marriages.

You are unable to witness your own documents or those of your immediate family as this is perceived as a Conflict of Interest. If you attempt to witness your own documents, we will ask you to provide correctly witnessed documents.