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Simulated Recruitment Program

Graduate programs provide opportunities for graduates to join an organisation in an entry level role. The programs are often quite structured and can include features such as rotations, training programs and experiential learning. They are designed to develop graduates over a number of months or years (6 months to 2 years is common) into the future leaders and managers of the organisation.

Organisations invest significant resources into attracting and selecting the right candidates for their graduate programs and as such, graduate programs are competitive - in most cases the number of applications far exceeds the number of positions available. Data from graduate employers in Australia, shows that across all industries, each employer receives an average of 1,940 applications for 59 positions, this averages at 33 applications for each role (AAGE report 2019).

To ensure they are selecting the right candidates from this large pool, organisations use a series of selection methods occurring over a number of stages before final offers are made. Each organisation will run their own variation of a graduate program and their selection processes will also differ slightly.

How far will you make it through the Graduate Recruitment process? 

UniSQ Careers and Employability would like to offer you the opportunity to undertake a simulated graduate recruitment process, which will allow you to practice common stages of a recruitment process, receive feedback and learn from your experience. 

Over three weeks you will be asked to complete the following stages: 

  • Stage 1: Initial Application
  • Stage 2: Psychometric Assessment
  • Stage 3: Video/Telephone Interview
  • Stage 4: Assessment Centre

Upcoming Programs

The 2022 programs have not been scheduled. If you'd like to express interest in this program please contact the Careers & Employability Team at