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Maintenance schedule

Scheduled System Maintenance 2022 - 2023

The schedule below will detail the systems affected on our fixed ICT Maintenance day for 2022, and fixed ICT Maintenance weekends for 2023.  Notification of systems impacted will be available approximately two weeks prior to each of the three listed maintenance dates below.  Standard notifications are sent to staff via an ICT Alert email and announcements are  placed on UConnect for Staff and Students.

For further information or questions regarding the schedule below contact the ICT Service Desk

Information on unplanned system disruptions and/or outages are available here. 

Weekly Maintenance

2022 Schedule: During the Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning and Saturday morning maintenance windows, various systems may be unavailable. Clients will be notified in the event that a major system outage exceeds the designated end time by 30 minutes.

Date   Time  Systems and services affected 
Each Tuesday evening  Between 8.00pm - 12.00pm (AEST)  Staff and some student systems may be unavailable during this time, excluding Learning and Teaching Systems*.
Each Wednesday morning Between 5.30am - 8.00am (AEST)

All UniSQ systems and services. No maintenance will occur during the following times, unless critical:

  • Scheduled exam periods
Each Saturday morning Between 5.00am - 9.00am (AEST)

All UniSQ systems and services. No maintenance will occur during the following times, unless critical:

  • Scheduled exam periods

In addition to the ICT maintenance days indicated on the important dates calendar.

2023 Schedule: With the implementation for the layered academic calendar from January 2023, the following weekly maintenance schedule will be introduced: Each Tuesday and Thursday evening, and each Wednesday and Friday morning. There is no regular Saturday morning scheduled.

ICT Services acknowledges that Orientation Week and the first two weeks at the start of each teaching period are critical times for the University. Maintenance that may need to be undertaken during these weeks as identified in the "Important Dates" calendar will be raised and discussed internally to ICT Executive and the business as/if required to ensure minimal disruption. 

Fixed Maintenance

Three fixed maintenance windows have been scheduled to enable major upgrades to ICT Systems and Services (e.g. Network) and Learning and Teaching systems (e.g. Studydesk).

Date Time            
Systems and Services Affected                  

Saturday January 14


Sunday  January 15 

5:00am to 5:00pm     

Saturday July 1


Sunday July 2

5:00am to 5:00pm    

Saturday December 16 


Sunday December 17

5:00am to 5:00pm    

 * Learning and Teaching Systems are defined as:

  • UConnect
  • StudyDesk
  • StaffDesk
  • OpenDesk 
  • ePortfolio
  • eLOR
  • Library Services
  • Zoom

Note: System Owner Requested Maintenance
Maintenance to systems that may have a limited user impact which has been requested by system owners undertaken outside normal maintenance windows.  The maintenance is negotiated with the system owner and communicated appropriately.


Systems and Services Affected        






Emergency Maintenance

Emergency maintenance windows as required for specific critical maintenance.  This may occur during business hours to address critical system issues.  These periods will be negotiated as required with business owners and stakeholders.