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As a UniSQ student you can download MathType onto your personal computer. By downloading this software you are automatically agreeing to meet the Licence conditions below:

  • you must be enrolled at UniSQ
  • you are not permitted to distribute the Product Key(s) to any other person
  • you are not to post the Product Key(s) on any website or anywhere they may be seen by others other than those covered by the licence
  • you may use the software for non-commercial purposes including instructional use, research and/or design, and development and testing of projects for call assignments, tests, or personal projects.
  • You may not use MathType software for any for-profit software development
  • when you are no longer enrolled at UniSQ the MathType software should be removed from your home computer
  • if you violate the terms of the End User Licence, ICT Services will demand confirmation of removal of the program software from your personal computer.

Download MathType

  1. Obtain the product key before installing the software.  You will need to log into UConnect before obtaining the product key.
  2. Download the MathType installer
  3. Unlock MathType - go to MathType Help Menu, select about MathType, select Unlock MathType and enter the Product Key. 

Please note that once this software is installed, ICT does not provide ongoing support.