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About the School of Law and Justice

Quality, respect and to be respected. These are the aspirations of the School of Law and Justice in our contribution to the law, and to contemporary legal education. 

We have a commitment to:

  • respect and promote the rule of law, the Australian legal principles and values that support it, and ethical behaviour and professional responsibility in the School and legal profession
  • sustain quality teaching, giving students flexible study options and an inclusive, stimulating, and supportive learning environment
  • ensure that our students develop the necessary knowledge, understanding, skills and values for graduates in law and justice, preparing them for a range of legal and related careers
  • sustain a program of quality legal research and publication, and the essential connections between the research, teaching and student learning
  • engage as teachers and researchers with comparative and international perspectives on law, justice and legal processes
  • actively engage with the judiciary, the legal profession and the broader public (including online and regional communities)
  • continually renew and improve our teaching and research programs in response to legal, educational and social change.

We offer fully accredited legal qualifications through our Bachelor of Laws and Juris Doctor, with a broad range of electives to allow students the choice to study personal interests.  These programs are accredited by the Legal Practitioners Admissions Board, ensuring our graduates are prepared for legal practice throughout Australia. 

The School of Law and Justice has been certified as meeting the Council of Australian Law Deans' standards for Australian Law Schools as determined by the initial certification process conducted by the Australian Law Schools Standards Committee

The School of Law and Justice is a member of the Asian Law Institute.