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Moot Courts

The Wonderley & Hall USQ Moot Court on the Toowoomba Campus (Q420) is a simulated modern court room, with bench, bar table (seating six), witness stand and associate’s consul.  It is fully networked with ample video–conference facilities to allow remote appearances. The Wonderley & Hall USQ Moot Court also sits up to another 30 people as audience. It is sponsored by Wonderley & Hall.

The USQ Ipswich Moot Court is a purpose-built modern court room with full audio-visual capacity to allow for remote appearances of counsel or judges. It can therefore be used by on-campus and online students alike. The Moot Court was opened on 16 February 2021 by The Honourable Susan Kiefel AC, Chief Justice of Australia, following the relocation of the School of Law and Justice to the Ipswich campus. It is located in S Block, a heritage building of the former Challinor Centre.

The Ipswich campus is also home to heritage courtroom furniture that is displayed in the campus Library. This furniture was used in the Rosewood Court House (in the Lockyer Valley) in the early twentieth century. After this Court was closed, the Supreme Court and the Ipswich District Law Association maintained the furniture, until it was donated to the University in 2015. It includes the magistrates' bench, the dock and a witness stand.

Another important item of legal heritage can be viewed in the Law School’s home in Grace House. A ‘Case for Opinion of Counsel’ from Mr Thompson, Solicitor of Ipswich, to Charles Lilley, Attorney-General (and later Sir Charles Lilley, second Chief Justice of Queensland), which dates from around 1863, holds a place of honour. Known as the ‘Lilley brief’, it was donated by Cardew Salmon, Solicitors of Ipswich, who succeeded to Mr Thompson’s practice.