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Sights set for aviation success.

At just 19 years of age, Rachel Kee left her family in Malaysia and moved to Australia by herself to chase her passion.

The life-changing move proved to be the best decision she could have made, as she became the first international student to finish the University of Southern Queensland’s Bachelor of Aviation.

'Where I grew up, pursuing a career in aviation to become a pilot was considered a job for men only, but that only motivated me to reach my goals. Aviation degrees are very uncommon in Malaysia and I really wanted to have a higher education, which is why I was keen to move to Australia and study what I love.' Rachel said.

While moving to a new country was a daunting experience, Rachel enjoyed her time at UniSQ.

'The aviation program allowed me to not only develop an understanding of the aviation industry and connect with real pilots and industry professionals, but also provided an avenue for personal and professional development. I particularly enjoyed getting my hands on the University’s Boeing 737 simulator during my first year of university.'

Three months after completing her degree, Rachel was offered a job as a Compliance Officer at Archerfield Airport. With her foot now in the door, Rachel is determined to step towards her ultimate goal of becoming a commercial airline pilot.