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Helping others through theatre.
Maeghan on stage acting.

When Maeghan graduated from high school they knew they wanted to pursue a career that involved performing and helping others. After receiving an early offer from UniSQ, Maeghan was able to jump right into their next chapter.

“The Bachelor of Creative Arts and Community Wellbeing at UniSQ has allowed me to combine my two passions, volunteering and theatre,” they said.

For Maeghan, when choosing where to study, they highly valued universities that prioritise community and student support.

“The encouragement I’ve received from the staff at UniSQ has been outstanding. From the beginning, they have supported my passions and allowed me to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of theatre,” Maeghan said.

Maeghan currently lives on campus at one of UniSQ’s Toowoomba colleges, participates in theatre productions, and volunteers locally.

“I am so grateful for the opportunities that UniSQ has given me,” they said.

While currently enjoying all that university life has to offer, Maeghan is also excited to think about what their future career might hold.

“I would like to empower, motivate, and support young people as a drama therapist and youth worker. This type of work involves helping clients to grow and develop a better understanding of themselves and others around them,” they said.

For anyone considering studying at UniSQ, Maeghan can recommend a UniSQ Creative Arts degree.

“UniSQ is dedicated to helping everyone develop their abilities and academic skills so they can reach their full potential on their chosen path.”

Bachelor of Creative Arts and Community Wellbeing (Theatre)
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